Wonderful views at the top but very hard hike. Easy to loose the trail. every once in a while you will see were someone has marked the trail with piles of small rock. The incline up to the top is steep with rock climbing straight up.

not dog friendly on certain spots. vertical rock climbing. def not for the faint of heart but it has a lovely view!!

thru hiked the PCT in 2016 doing it again in 2018

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Directions on All Trails are good, leads to a small parking area at trailhead. That being said, you MUST pay attention to red GPS trail in the APP to locate place where you leave the reservoir road trail and head up. The trail is extremely overgrown and very hard to track. We managed to do so ONLY by using the red lines on the map and the rock totems that people had left previously. Very challenging portion basically rock climbing up a cliff is included, so don't do this hike if you don't have solid upper body strength. Trail is VERY overgrown so also wear long pants, we got scratched to bits. Upside is a gorgeous trail, gorgeous views from the butte and all along trail of the lake. Was about 6 miles RT per our GPS tracking. Enjoy!

We did this trail to accompany our friend on the first day of her journey on the PCT. It was a great day hike that got pretty challenging at the end. There was little shade and no water, so be prepared for that. And lots of rattlesnakes.

I went a few months ago and parked on the top side off a back road. Ran into a few PCT hikers pointed us in the right direction to find the falls. I thought it was a great little hike!

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Tough hike with scenic views and is lightly trafficked. I extended the distance that was shown here by hiking to the Marine Corp Firefighter Memorial(8 firefighters died in the canyon, 1943). Parking is very straightforward, follow the directions from the app and park in the roundabout dirt lot, no parking pass required.

It is about 7 miles to the memorial and requires that you turn right at Hauser Creek RD when the PCT intersects with it around 4.3 miles. Once you turn right keep going for about 1.7 miles(keeping the creek bed on your left) until you hit a water source 6 miles into the hike (year round, flow observed 7/24/17). The water is flowing and can be filtered and drank.

After this you will continue for 1 mile on a trail that is poorly maintained and may require some bushwhacking. Eventually you should pass an old stone dam on your right, which is also a potential water source. Continue until you see a large stone directly to the right of the trail with a bronze plaque indicating you have arrived at the memorial. This is a turn around point for the 7 mile hike(14 round trip).

Return back the way you came, be prepared for a more difficult hike back up out of the canyon. Take a look at some of the pictures I've attached to see of the hike interests you.

This is a nice early morning hike on a summer day. We started at 7:30 at 75 degrees and finished at 10:45 at 97 degrees. Just did beat the heat. Unfortunately the falls were dry on the day of our hike. We plan to come back on a day after a big rain. Should be spectacular. In any case, take plenty of sunscreen and water as there's not a lot of shade. Enjoy

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This was a great section of the PCT to hike, but not my favorite section in Southern California. I was out today (July 10) and it was HOT. The description says used March to October but the heat was brutal and I was the only person on the trail. Bring at least 4 liters of water, a hat, and sunscreen if you are going to do this one in the summer. The channel in the canyon was not flowing. There were some remnant and stagnant pools of water you can filter for emergency purposes if need be. I went through about 3500mL of water and did the hike in a little less than 4 hours. It is just over 9 miles round trip. I saw a snake but it wasn't a rattlesnake. Lots of hummingbirds and other birds were out. Cool experience but I'll probably wait until the wet season before going back.

Water wasn't very clean and almost drying up. The heat from the land was very hot. Please be careful of the heat. It's a creek trail but all the way is uphill, only the last part to the creek was downhill.

First time I ever hiked "up" to a waterfall. You generally expect waterfall hikes to go down first. Kitchen Creek actually flows east to west, so the water flows down from the hills above. The weather app said 85F degrees in Pine Valley, but as I pulled up at the trailhead the thermostat on my dashboard read 95F. And hot damn, was it hot! I was kinda having second thoughts about this trek, and at that exact moment, a PCT thru hiker appeared. I chatted with him a bit, he was going all the way to Canada. I can't believe anyone would start that one this late in the year. He'll pass through the Mojave in the middle of summer! Anyway, after seeing this beast of a hiker carrying the enormous amount of gear you'd expect a PCT guy would have, I decided I could handle a 4.6 mile walk with my day pack. This hike is pretty savage in the heat, but doable if you're conditioned for it. About 3 hours for me, though I took it pretty slow. Very pretty and scenic, though I drop points for having to see/hear Interstate 8 most of the trek. Other posters in here have said the falls are hard to find. If you study the maps closely enough, it's pretty easy. At the point where the PCT is going due north, and it abruptly turns right and goes due south, here you will find the left turn that goes down to the falls. It's a pretty scenic and relaxing spot, some dangerous spots, so be careful if you go bouldering about. If you were REALLY commando, you could probably follow the creek all the way back to the highway bridge. Bear Grylls would probably go that way. I felt stupid for only packing 2 liters of agua, but there was a fair amount of water flowing and I had my LifeStraw filter with me. Didn't need it, but always glad to have that option. Bring 3 liters if it's 90F+. All in all, great hike. I'll come back here again in the cooler months after a rainstorm. I'm guessing the waterfall looks even more awesome after a good rain.

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So I need some guidance here, I have tried to do this trail but was unsuccessful both of the times. Can someone give me some direction as to where to go once I park at the bus stop. Do I cross the street and then continue into the brush, there is no marking/posting for the trail.


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This place is awesome and peaceful. Went swimming and loved it even if I ended up covered in leeches.

Early Saturday in May. Not too hot. Moderately crowded. Trail in good shape. Quite a good flow in the falls. Easy to miss the spur down to the falls. It's a left turn.