Pretty nice n easy trail until you get to the last leg downhill scramble to the creek. The water was flowing nicely thanks to the recent showers. Loved the clear, well maintained path. Made for a great trail run back to the car.

Simple 4.5 mi hike (gets steep when going down to the falls at the end) with beautiful running water at the end of the trail. A hidden gem.

9 days ago

The route on the map does not follow the route in the description for this hike. Park on the dirt road where the PCT Trail hits Lake Morena Drive. Follow the PCT trail south until you hit the ridge line on the south side of Morena Butte. Follow the cairns to the summit. The view is worth the effort. It's further than the 5.4 miles listed here. it's 3 miles just to the ridge, that alone puts it at 6 miles there and back. Probably a mile and a half from there to the peak, that's just a guesstimate though. I'd plan for 10 miles there and back just to be safe.

This trail was pretty cool. Not too long, not too short. Just about 5 miles round trip. Surprisingly, there was a ton of water in the falls this time of year - I figured with the recent heat wave it would have dried up but I was pleasantly surprised. The last 1/10 of a mile down to the falls is a bit more rugged, but not too bad at all. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Spring time had some nice blooms as well. I'll be back after another big rain storm!

Nice hike. Nice landscape. Not a lot of people. Unfortunate highway road noise for the first half of the hike.

16 days ago

Easy going up and not that steep. Gets super steep and difficult once you branch off the PCT onto the down ward, skinny dirt trail into the canyon where the falls are. Absolutely treacherous and will require you to climb boulders. Makes this trail difficult, but only the boulder climbing can be rated as such. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND FOR DOGS! Even if they are mountain goats they will have a hard time. I had to turn around because I felt like my dog would impale herself on a rock. Very treacherous if you try to get to the top of the falls and impassable with your dog if trying to go to the bottom. Will return without her.

23 days ago

Beautiful hike, strong river flow after rain.