This trail is a loop if you continue along the road after it closes to vehicles. you have a view of the lake for most of the hike, which is beautiful and peaceful.

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You can pick up the trail off Puetz Valley Road at about Mile Marker 1.0 (a mile north of I-8). The map track begins at the freeway. Be aware that parking is a challenge but the trailhead is easily accessed. No gates at that entrance. A short distance in, there is an old, rusty metal barrier that was installed long ago to block the trail but there is a bypass around it. This is a very pleasant trail to walk.

1 year ago

It Has a Locked Park Gate not to far off paved road.

1 year ago

I'm a local and love hiking this trail! I wake up, short walk to a fire road, all day walk through the mountains, and I'm still right by home. I love the watering hole on this trail too, but it is only seasonal. The tail isn't fenced off, ONE of its entrances is because it is on the owners private property and people were leaving trash and disrespecting their land.

Tried to get to trail, it is fenced and shows as private. It has a locked fence.

Tried to get here today and found out that the road has a gate and a 6 foot fence. Unless I was at the wrong place, this place is no longer accessible.

Not really the most exciting hike.

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5 years ago

Great trail with a long fun down hill. If you start at the top "World Cup" there are plenty of rocks to launch off of and bypasses for the less brave or skilled!

6 years ago

Peaceful little lake, can do some fishing and walking or jogging around the lake.