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This park is ideal for picnicking, horseback riding, boating, fishing and swimming. Lake Del Valle is located in Central Alameda County, about five miles south of the City of Livermore in the Arroya del Valle. Del Valle Dam and Lake Del Valle are features of the South Bay Aqueduct, which is part of the State Water Project.

Challenging hike with a lot of steep climbing. It's pretty exposed, so start early and bring a lot of water if it's going to be a hot day. I was carrying a heavy pack for training and I ended up going through 5Ls of water.

There's a big blowdown blocking the entire trail near the trailhead. Bushwack a little to the left to get around the tree - I'm sure a trail will get carved out by folks soon enough.

There's no waterfall right now, just a small bit of water wetting the rocks. Actually, it looks like there's a nice scramble / climbing line up the rock when the waterfall is dry - might bring better shoes to give it a try next time.

If you rely on service for the map, prepare accordingly

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28 days ago

Had an awesome time... beautiful hike, quite challenging - challenging enough that I found myself constantly setting goals instead of letting my mind drift. Broken up into two days, sunol to Maggie's 10 miles, 4000 ft ~6hrs. Day 2 down to the falls and finished at del valle... despite leaving from rose peak, still found a way to climb approx 2500 ft in the hike down. If you're hiking in the heat make sure to bring and treat water. Went through 4liters on the first day
Video recapping from sunol to del valle - may 2017, temps ~85-95 degrees

Awesome hike, one of the best in the Bay Area, especially this time of the year. Also, one of the hardest. Relentless climb for 5.5 miles is cosiderably tougher than Mt. Diablo's. Yet the track itself is wide, smooth and sturdy and the views are just awesome.

This was the first day the trail was open so there were still some obstacles. Nothing so bad that families couldn't get past. It's definitely a brutal climb and the downhill return takes a toll. Overall it's a very satisfying accomplishment.