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In Anthony Chabot Regional Park visitors can explore miles of beautiful hiking, riding, and bicycling trails through grasslands, chaparral, and shady eucalyptus groves or along the shores of Lake Chabot. Lake Chabot features opportunities for boating, biking, fishing and picnicking. Swimming and water contact is not permitted since the lake serves as a backup water supply for the East Bay. The park hosts annual fishing derbies, and there are many fishing piers along the shoreline. Mountain biking is also a popular park activity, as the park features a bike loop above and around the lake, as well as an adventurous hiking loop that follows much of the shoreline. The marina area lawns and play areas make it a popular spot to have a family picnic or barbecue with friends. Park Hours: 6am to sunset (varies seasonally) Fees: Parking: $5/vehicle, $4/trailered vehicle, $25/bus. Dogs: $2/dog. Guide/service dogs free.

It’s 9 miles amazing views and trial is moderate:

mountain biking
10 days ago

Dog friendly - gets wet pretty quick

trail running
20 days ago

no shade
22 days ago

This is one of my fave hikes this time of year to take my doggo offleash. I can always see him and no major cliffs or ledges for him to run down. Trail is wide and decent for running as well. Only 4 stars for me because of the immense amount of horse poop and the electric fences by the stables - be sure to leash your dog as the trail bends!

Hiked counterclockwise in order to climb the only decent hill on the trail. For a 9 mile hike, it's a good workout. A little muddy today.

Well-maintained trail and good workout. We went opposite direction, so one steep uphill part. Nice mix of wooded areas with eucalyptus and open areas with pretty views of lake. First couple miles were on paved path and very crowded, then saw almost no one the rest of the way. Took us a little over 3 hours to hike it.

Had a lovely hike today. It was challenging enough, but may not be for you if you’re in very good shape. Only reason for 4/5 stars is that once I got to the lake, it became more crowded and was louder which is fine too, but not as meditative if that’s what you’re looking for.
Overall, a delightful day.

Vigorous hills, dirt, cow pie trails. Want to work out? Walk these trails. Take a friend, the trails are in the middle of no where. Be safe.

Beautiful trail run. Starts and ends on paved road and middle section is off road trails. I sort of jog/ walked it with a day pack in 2.5 hours, with little stopping. Some steep hills and moderate terrain, but overall a beautiful trail with a variety of scenery and terrain. Don’t underestimate or go unprepared because it’s a long and tough 9 miles.

Since the air quality has vastly improved in the Bay Area, I’ve been taking advantage of the natural beauty of Lake Chabot on the weekends. I’d definitely recommend this trail to others, I mostly go for trail running- the scents of the trees after the rains... is unbelievable. I run the full loop which turns out to be 9 miles starting from the West going counterclockwise. The first 2.5 miles is fairly level, until you get up the hill... then going deeper into the woods, with the switchbacks and run down hill, I enjoy the effort needed to jump over some of the roots/rocks; please be careful! But some of the sights are really worth it. People have been very kind on the route, waving, and/or moving to the side when it gets into a “single lane” and I happen to be running; otherwise I myself move to the side if I see bikes. Enjoy!

Lovely views of the lake! Not a difficult hike at all. I I added on the Ten Hills Trail along the Golf Course to connect to East Shore and skipped the Cameron Loop connector to make my hike 5 miles. More paved route than I prefer but this hike was a good way to get out and avoid some of the smoke that is blanketing the Bay Area. It was pretty busy with fisherman, hikers, bikers, runners. Seems like a lot of people had the same idea of trying to stay active in the smoke.

Very beautiful scenery of the lake and woodsy type of hike. My friends and I hiked counter clock-wise and went up what was known as "Heart Attack Hill" which was notably difficult. Other than that, it's a 9 mile walk on a glorious path!

It is definitely frequented and loved by many: bicyclists, small groups, dogs, and parents with strollers.

Did this hike today with my husband and mom. None of us are avid hikers but the hike was the perfect length with just enough hills to make us feel like were getting in our workout.

Saturday Morning. Started the trail at 7:30am. Hiked counter clockwise. Not to many people initially, it was nice until mile marker 6. OMG! Too many people. Large loud groups, dodging bicyclist, not my cup of tea. Clean facilities tho, and if you don’t mind the crowds you’ll be fine. 3-1/2hrs to hike 8.9 miles. I won’t go back. Many other Bay Area hikes without the noisy talkative weekend walkers.

This is our go to for an easy hike with our dog. Trails extremely well mapped, and very simple. There's even some really nice people that leave out water dishes for the dogs (which is really cute we stopped and talked to them for a 'bit).

However, this is covered with off leash dogs. Ours got attacked while sitting below my husband's feet. We really enjoy letting our dog off leash but people need to respect that if you can't control your dog you should consider a leash.

Hiked this trail a few weeks ago. Went on a weekday afternoon. It was a bit crowded but fun.

nice trail, about half blacktop, nice lake views about half shade half sun at 9:30

Hard and long! took about 4-5 hours, very well worth it though beautiful views

This is a great trail. It’s easy for beginners and has a beautiful views. It’s dangerous when the temperature is high or cold, but you can look the weather and make a plan. All you need to finish this trail is a lot of water and great spirit.

I went in the evening and it was a great trail. I can imagine that it might get hot during the daytime. I was a bit surprised how much dog poop was on the trail. Wish folks did a better job picking up after their pups.

Nice wide trail.

Holy tamoly. This hike is how my husband and I discovered the difference between “easy” and “moderate” trails.
The first half of this loop (leaving from the small parking lot heading straight up the hill) was nice. But all of the sudden once we crossed the bridge at the golf course ALL shade went away and it was COMPLETELY UPHILL. 22 degrees!!!! To be fair, my husband and I are not avid hikers, but we are also not out of shape. We were dying the 45 minutes it took to walk straight up.
SO my suggestion is to 1) walk the opposite way that we did (from the parking lot, walk TOWARDS/thru the golf course) and 2) pack a lunch so you can rest and make a nice trip out of it.
There is a comment somewhere on this thread that it is a “nice 1.5 hour hike” so we only had water with us...It took us 2.5 hours.
Anyways. We’re proud that we finished (not that we had the option of turning around), but won’t be doing this again any time soon!

A paved mostly flat trail along the lake’s edge with plenty of wide space for walkers. Just a couple of very short inclines. Also features info stands about the history of the lake—good opportunities for learning about how it came to be.

We combined this with a section of Lake Chabot Loop and Cascade/Skyline Trail to make a 4.5 mile loop. Fair amount of horse poop but a nice hike otherwise & also some nice quiet narrower trails in the second half of our DIY loop.

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