Absolutely stunning. Did a Fartlek run here this morning. Will be back!

Did this hike around 10am on 4th of July. The parking lot is large. It was a hot day but the first half of the trail was shady and a beautiful nature walk. Second half is a little more dusty/hot and less scenic, but I like the first half so much that it made up for it. The second half also gave a good workout. I would do this loop more often if I lived closer!

off trail
3 days ago

Overall, I enjoyed this hike. Oak/bay forests, redwood groves, eucalyptus forest. It’s worth it to do the Brandon/Grass valley trail. The hike is better after leaving the lake. Asphalt was a bummer for me at the end of the hike going counterclockwise. Lots of exposed areas so bring a hat, water, and sunscreen. Almost 100% wore masks. Keep on wearing masks so the East bay parks stay open!

Absolutely beautiful. Easier then I was expecting so I added more to the hike. Highly recommend

6 days ago

A pleasant wide trail, but it gets busy. If you can complete by 8am then pleasant and not too bad for social distancing ... by 9am getting very crowded!

The Bass Cove Trail portion is nice, but the Goldenrod Trail is less interesting. Higher on the ridge (and sometimes on the other side of it relative to the lake) it is more exposed. It takes you alongside a golf course and amid power line towers --- and you're more aware of homes and traffic sounds.

A very pleasant, mostly paved and a well maintained wide trail. I did this on a weekday 7am - 9am ... and it was beginning to get crowded as I returned (parking lot was nearly full by then). Mostly shaded. There are restrooms along the way, many closed but a few still open.

This trail is pretty isolated, I take it to avoid the large crowds that Lake Chabot’s been having. If you come in the late afternoon you’ll encounter many nats and mosquitoes. Other than that it’s a great hike to get your heart pumping!

8 days ago

Too steep for little one. But, we finished the walk.

we saw the bald eagles !! wonderful. otherwise, this trail is pretty disturbed in terms of plant life, but views of the lake are beautiful. dogs enjoyed it.

bridge out
10 days ago

Nice easy walk and mostly paved. Unfortunately it’s pretty populated trail to walk and not as immersive in nature. Still over all a nice easy hike.

The trail is awesome. The lake is stunning! There are mini piers that juts out on the lake where you can have lunch or hang out. The walk around the lake is about 3 miles on flat ground. Once you pass the lake, the incline begins. The inclines on this trail are all gradual so there aren't any intense steepness. The trails are narrow in a woodsy setting. The Honker trail is closed so you have to detour. When you're on the Redtail, you have to cross a few roads to stay on the trail. There are turkeys and blue dragonflies. Bring bug spray! This difficult part of this trail is the length and not so much the hills. If you want a peaceful and serene hike, this trail is for you!

This was a pretty decent trail. A lot of people for a Friday morning at around 11am. Part of the trail is paved and part is not. Definitely had a lot of bugs on the paved trail though. It was unexpectedly really pretty because most of the path is tree covered and you get a lot of views of the lake. Very easy for beginners and everyone in between.

mountain biking
19 days ago

Awesome hike. 4 miles, pretty shady. At the peak there is a perfect view of Lake Chabot.

22 days ago

Too many people and most of them are not wearing mask.

Overall it was a nice trail but we happened to go on a very warm day. It was a little too crowded for my liking and I would have liked a little more shade. I think I would enjoy it more on a day where the temperature is more comfortable.

off trail
1 month ago

Great trail! The east side was cool with nice lake views and paved trail. The way back not much to see but at the end where their was Great Lake views and then a small forest.

Beautiful. Trail was crowded with people not being respectful of social distancing/masks. A bit confusing at times as to which trail to go on. Golf carts are annoying.

off trail
1 month ago

easy parking, easy to follow trail. at the turn around point, there are restrooms, picnic tables and a view of Lake Chabot! very little shade for more of the hike.

I hiked this trail as part of the East Bay Skyline Trail: From Proctor Gate to the Redwood Regional Park via MacDonald Trail. I hiked this trail in the morning and it was nice. But I noticed most of this trail was quite exposed and would get hot in the afternoon. Also watch out the down hill mountain bikers, some were going too fast.

I was hiking with my family and 4 year old and 22 month old daughters. Great place to hike. Loved it.

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