Lake Balboa Park

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Most know you can easily turn this into a 5 mile urban hike. I actually loop the entire Sepulveda Basin, starting at the golf course heading west to Balboa, take the bike path north to Victory, then east to Woodley, and south on Woodley but go over into the Wilderness Preserve and come out on Burbank, cross Burbank and head west to the Dam, you'll see it. After hitting the Dam, head north, down along the LA'll come up under Burbank Bl. again, and out to the top. Head west on Burbank back to where you started...6 mile loop. Many people do this..but don't go across to the wilderness trail, to the dam, and call it a day at 5 miles. I do it all the 12k steps, in about 2 hours. Great little trek to keep your legs, lungs and heart hike ready.