Great moderately difficult, well maintained, walking and biking trails. We have been coming here for many years now to hike, whenever in the area. We always see many varieties of wildlife and plants. Often seeing hawks, hummingbirds, coyote, deer.

Fun trail, loose dirt. A lot of hikers but pretty courteous to bikers.

It was a fun trail. Got a little confusing at some parts. Definitely need some good footwear, hiking boots or shoes preferred. I wore regular Nike running shoes, and my feet not only hurt at the end of the hike, but I was sliding around the terrain in certain places. May be best with good traction shoes or boots.

We started from the parking lot on Awma road. Wanted to take the car wreck trail but there is a trail which also goes left about 150 feet before the car wreck trail. Be careful and don’t take that as even though it ends at the same point “ top of the world” but is v narrow and steep with lose boulders.
Enjoyed hiking here.

I didn’t follow the trail exactly as listed, but the route that I took was fun and exciting! Was a nice change to hike in the sun compared to the Oregon rain that I’m used to!

Nice walk, good views of the lake, dog friendly with wide level paths that are stroller friendly. This is a very clean and family friendly area. Hikers don’t be misled, this is a walking path, not a hike.

Nice evening hike 5/5

I run it, the shortest loop around is ~1.75 mi. Twice around is 3.44 mi. Every week. It can be lengthened by running all the pavement. A 10K is run there on July 4.

Trail is closed today 9/5/17 between Alicia Pkwy and Moulton Pkwy for maintenance.

Ab Fab trails wooded and shady lots of little trails leading to top of the world

This is a great area. Many variations and was really feeling it the last couple of miles.
Took a slight variation going Mathis Canyon to the Top of the World which is a little shorter. Trail is in great shape and wide. Begins on tar and is flat until Mathis Canyon, then up, up, up. Glad i had my hiking poles. Great view at the top of the world although a little cloudy which was good as it was cooler. Ended at 9.81 miles round trip with 1100 elevation gain. Can't wait to go back and try other trails like Car Wreck.

Easy and great views!

Very fun hike! Good for leg day

It's an ass kicker going back the short cut steep hill by car wreck. If you're even in basic shape it's gonna be a tough climb, speaking after the fact. A gal on the trail was not in shape and I was worried about her when I passed her going dow, all the way down. The problem is, you've got to climb back up. Saw her on way up, sitting down all red and looked like she couldn't/ didn't want to get back up??? Geese we said we'd hope she was okay all the way back. I even kept commenting that we STILL need to saying to hubby, we have to make it back up tonight before it's dark.

Great run. Loves the mix between paved and dirt trails. The surrounding hills were stunning.

You have to do Coyote Run on your way back!!

Short hike with some nice views. I parked near the Whole Foods off La Paz to avoid paying for parking. Was decently quiet but very windy when I was there. That probably helped. A good way to kill an hour or two.

First "real" hike and I loved it. Started at the Top of the World trail head (free parking and no paved paths), went down Rock-It then around to hit the peak of 5 Oaks, then back down and finally back up Lynx to the start. One helluva good climb. New favorite spot/hobby.

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