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Laguna Coast Wilderness Park lies within some of the last remaining coastal canyons in Southern California. Forty miles of trails lead the visitor through oak and sycamore woodlands and up onto ridges with expansive scenic vistas. Rocky bluffs tower above the canyon trails. Visitors to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park can see California as it has existed for thousands of years. The Coastal Sage Scrub community covers hilltops and slopes, along with patches of Native Valley Grassland and Maritime Chaparral. In the canyons visitors can find riparian habitats lined by Willow, Oak, and Sycamore trees. After a plentiful winter rain, the ephemeral streams spring to life. In the summer, you can easily pass through the seasonally dry creek beds. The park is part of the Natural Community Conservation Planning program, which is designed to protect rare and endangered species, from California Gnatcatcher to Orange-Throated Whiptail, by preserving large tracts of Orange County.

We did Willow Trail first then headed down Laurel Canyon Trail. Willow Trail is not shaded and all uphill going this direction, so it was pretty difficult for me. I was feeling very out of breath when we made it to the top. Laurel Canyon down was shaded and very beautiful. Definitely enjoyed the second part of the hike more.

The parking lot at Willow was full when we arrived so we had to park at the next one down and hike up to the trailhead. Added maybe another mile to our hike.

Beautiful views towards the ocean. Very exposed so bring lots of water.

Great Trail. We started with Willow Trail and came back with Laurel Canyon Trail. Laurel Canyon seemed to be more difficult than Willow.

23 days ago

Intense peak initially with an amazing view. Will certainly come back more often!!

It was a great workout!! Uncovered trail so wear appropriate protective clothes. Gained great elevation with pretty steep hills.

No biking allowed on this trail.

This is a beautiful trail. Would recommend!

We were visiting the area and had a couple of hours to do this hike. There are some steep rocky inclines but the views along the way and especially along the top were worth it! Wear good shoes and bring water.

1 month ago

Great hike if you take Laguna up to the ridge and take Willow down on the north side. Be careful of the dirt bikers!!! Two young teenager boys came barreling down Laguna and shoved me aside on the very steep and narrow trail, no bells, no warning. I fell and the two jerks just kept on going, thank God I didn’t break any bones. They need to monitor these guys who have no trail etiquette and cause accidents because they just want to barrel down the hill. Other than that, the day was gorgeous, chilly air, strong winds, clear sky, brilliant views of the Pacific to the West and the San Gabriels to the Northeast.

I enjoyed this hike. It was much more challenging than I thought it was going to be with all the hills. The first quarter of a mile was all uphill with many ups and downs the rest of the way.

The trail hardly had any hikers or bikers on it which was also a plus. Parking is $3 at the lot across the street.

Lots of cool birds for my friend. Not very much shade for me.

Very easy hike, nice trail to run on. Bring lots of water because theirs is NO shade.

Part of this trial is more difficult than moderate! Especially if you are out of shape! Start South to make harder part right off the bat. Easier on the back end. Pretty trial. Narrow in the beginning as you go up hill.

Enjoyable hike to start the new year. Plenty of up and down areas but nothing crazy.

This would be a great route to run.

1 month ago

This trail leads to nothing. I thought it would lead to the dome like rock as seen in the pictures, but it dosen’t. Has average views here and there, but lots of people and the sound of the freeway is present too.


I’m surprised that there are not more reviews. Maybe it is because you have to pay for parking, and that keeps the crowds away. We were there yesterday on a very clear day and the views were unbelievable. We could see Catalina and all the way to Palos Verdes

trail running
2 months ago

Cute open space with a lot of fire road. There is some sections of single track with about 30% of rocky technical parts. Not much shade but great trail overall. Much of it is maintained. I enjoy this little loop.

Good canyon single track, no bikes on most of it. Waterfall was dry. Lovely rock and cave formations off limits.

Great hike, good for a run with lots of paths to take. Keep an eye out for rattle snakes where the brush is a bit over grown.

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