We loved this hike. I would agree with some of these other reviews, I would rate it a Moderate hike. The first half mile or so is a steep incline. The views at the summit are gorgeous. The map shows going a bit past the turn off for the downward portion of the hike. It's totally worth going the extra little bit. There is a lookout point turn off that has a gorgeous view of the ocean as well as into Irinve and the surrounding cities. The end of the hike is a pretty steep decline as well. As a heads up, after the hiking trail ends you are in a neighborhood and you have to navigate thru the steep hilly neighborhood back to the starting point which is where we parked. There were sidewalks for part of it, but not all. Also as a heads up, we did see a small rattlesnake on the side of the trail. The trail is pretty wide the entire way so we were able to safely pass it without getting to close.