trail running
17 days ago

Really open hikes with lots of high views. Its pretty if you like green/yellow grass hills. I enjoyed it at 70F degree temperatures but if it was hotter, i would not come here. Definitely come when its cool and cloudy as there is no shade in general.

Parking = 3$
Lots of directions
Mild amounts of people
Lots of fire roads
Mountain bikers
Mountain lions

This is the mountain trails where you can expect to find the swing. It hidden though. I got lost on the trail and at one point following the alltrails maps, it lead us to a path where it dangerous to cross. The dangerous area for me have a width about 12 inches with some less than that and it on the edge of the hill. Good thing this is a loop where you can always turn around.

The swing is on the hill. Don't expect to find it in this ground level trail.

kickass if you hike both towers forget the lap around the lake.

1 month ago

mountain biking
1 month ago

these trails are fairly easy but fun as long as you don't mind sharing.
on a good day I could be coming down the trail gaining speed and have stop and get off the path to let a group of kids walk past.

but it's cool because I live close and I'd rather be here sharing the path with other people then at home watching TV. It's a really good place to spend the afternoon or the morning.

2 months ago