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the first three quarters of a mile of this hike is all uphill and the whole hike is a fire Road but when you get to the top you have almost a 360 degree deal from the wishing tree and of course coming back it's all downhill so it's a nice hike overall

We did the hike going clockwise, so the trip up was nice and steady while the trip down was treacherous, but engaging and worth the awesome views.

Whichever way you go, just heed the warning that it's not for the faint of heart. Trekking poles recommended if you go the way we did, and prepare to go at a crawl for the final mile or so down.

16 days ago

Phone read 5.0m in 1:17:49 with 1247ft of elevation gain. Stopped recording just shy of the parking lot on return for sake of 5 mile even hike. Steep section up would be considered a scramble if there were anything to grab on to (there isn’t), would have been slick coming down that direction. Essentially all the elevation gain is within the first 1.5m. Not for the faint of heart. The rest of the trail is simply fire road.

23 days ago

We hiked from the nature center to the radio towers. The route is a dirt road and is uphill all the way up the towers. It’s a good workout all the way up with a cool chair offering a resting point. There’s also a few other routes you can take along the way up in case you don’t want to go all the way up to the towers. The views of Burbank and DTLA are great!

1 month ago

This trail is labeled moderate but if you decide to be brave and climb the ridiculous steep hill near the beginning, it should be labeled VERY HARD, be sure you’re ready for it. Don’t go up without hiking shoes, you will slip for sure and get hurt. It’s a very long hike and the views up top are really nice. Not much nature though as far as trees. Definitely a winter only trail since you are always exposed.

nature trips
1 month ago

Fine hike. Tons of people and little parking spaces at 6am, so get there early!
Good views of the city but I prefer to be a bit more outdoors.

this was a fun hike a lot of different trails and they go down on all sides of the mountain we saw a lot of people and everybody was really friendly we will definitely be coming back again

this Trail just reopened two months ago it is not easy but there's some pretty good views from the top and we actually found a little trickling waterfall but be careful because there's some washed out places on the trail

Great trail. Very clean and wide.
We encountered a baby rattle snake, so be careful. Be aware of your surroundings. It’s all part of the hike/walk.

Nice trail not to hard good work out

3 months ago

great workout if you use the steep part right from the start...

Nice trails, you’ve to work hard right start from the parking area and work harder once you’ve reach the staring point of the trail. Just discovered that they’ve nicer view on the other side of the mountain overlooking the city. Hikers were friendly, polite and you’ll get greetings from them ease your fatigue. Klara, as usual waiting for me on the peak.

This hike was amazing , however there is a very steep part when you first start , that is nearly sand and rocks , I almost fell numerous of times , that part of the hike is dangerous , the rest of fun and steep .

3 months ago

Great hike, very challenging. Get here early as there is no shade. Very steep and slippery at times, not for beginners. Keep an eye out for the old car in the ravine on the way down!

We hike from the nature center up to the last tower at the summit and then turn back down, so we do an out-and-back approach. Mostly because we couldn’t figure out the loop - haha. But it’s a solid nine miles with significant elevation gain and great views.

Great hike. Wide trails. Hot as the morning stretched on. We passed just a few sycamore and oak trees along the way providing an opportunity to rest and drink some water. Saw some mountain bikers. The chaparral was dry as to be expected in September but the breeze was nice. A few sporadic wild flowers greeted our small crew of hikers along the way.

great easy hike along with spectacular views.

Great 6 mile workout for Trail runners or hikers. You can make it 14 miles or more very easy.

4 months ago

Trailhead easy to find, started at the Nature Center which has free parking, I was lucky to find a spot. The trail is almost strictly on a fire road and gravel the whole way. I passed hikers, mountain bikers & trail runners about every 15 min or so during the half up to the towers, didn’t see many people beyond that point. The hike has a fairly steep incline at the onset but then tapers out and continues a steady incline for the first 3 miles. Once you pass the towers, it evens out for a decline on the way back. The map on AllTrails gives you an option to take a few single track trails which follow the main trail, but these single tracks are steep and I slid down one of them due to the loose gravel and got pretty scratched up so I’d recommend staying on the main fire road. This trail is a good workout with great views. This area suffered in the fires but the trail is maintained. Very little to no coverage so bring a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water. Clocked in 8 miles total (little over 3 hours) following the AllTrails map past the towers.

I have not been in this trail in a year or so. But the couple of times I went there there was a lot of dog crap. Specially at the beginning of the trail. From where you park your car to about 1/2 to 1 mile into. Some people take their dogs there and do not clean up after them. So watch your step.

Another thing I ran into was people riding their bicycles down the trail. They can come at you pretty fast so stay alert. Specially if you have kids or a dog(s).

Otherwise it’s a cool trail with some good views.

it was super easy. we did 8 miles.

Nice hike!!! Did not do the whole loop, I couldn’t find the trail down so just ended up going the same way back down. Was not difficult much, just make sure not to do during hot hours of the day!!

I’ve been getting into trail running lately and this one is fantastic for it. It’s basically all up hill but that makes your way back easier. It’s pretty challenging due to the elevation, but would highly recommend this hike for trail running or hiking. Wear protection from the sun due to it being out in the open.

There is a fire road beginning the trail which is nice since it is not too much of an incline so it doesn't hurt too much.

The huge incline you see from the freeway is a great workout! I love the fact that you can go up the hard way and then make your way down through the easier trail.

Depending on the time, there is a good amount of shade as the elevation drops.

on Stough Canyon Trail

8 months ago

Nice long hike with beautiful views.

8 months ago

Went last weekend on an organized goat hike - yes, I said goat hike! The area is still green and beautiful. Great view but not a lot of shade. Great exercise on the way up.

Tip: pack extra water, sunscreen, and a hat. Parking is limited but you can also park on the street so it should not be too much of an issue. Tons of mountain bikers which is really annoying, so just be on guard.

I stopped here on my way home to Nevada County. I went in blind and wish I had my backpack so my hands weren't full as I trekked up the steep incline. Nothing impossible but a slight challenge with items in both hands. I eventually took the side roads opposed to the steep incline. Hit a T in the road with signs but wasn't sure which way to go to return to my car so I turned around and took the side roads down. I felt safe and it was such a gorgeous hike up. Other hikers were friendly and ranged from families with young children to some senior citizens. There were a lot of mountain bikers up there too. I will definitely do this again with free hands and take that incline to the top!

trail running
10 months ago

Slow climb to the towers on wide dirt fire road. Trafficked by runners, walkers, and MTB (less so past the “saddle”). Great views of the Valley, Griffith Park, and La Crescenta.

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