5 months ago

Nice hike with decent incline at the end and pretty views but it is not worth the amount of ticks! I found 8 ticks on myself and almost 30 on my dog.

This was a beautiful hike and the waterfall was amazing but I'm going to give a few warnings… Do not bring a dog, my dog came home with 20+ ticks - add to the fact that it's not great for humans either as I came home with 1 and the person with me came home with 4, then there is the shade issue… As there is not any, so if you're going to take this hike take as much water as you can carry, and last there's the peril of the end stretch to the Falls… It is very steep and very slippery because of the dead wheatgrass so take it very slow and make sure you have some good traction on your shoes!

6 months ago

Lovely hike with beautiful wild flowers and a gorgeous waterfall at the end.

Some tips that I want to emphasize:

- Driving northbound on Knoxville rd, you drive through 3 streams that may be impassible during high water. The first 2 I passed, the crossings were dry, but there was water flowing across the 3rd stream (low enough to drive through on a small coupe)

- Lots of stream crossings on the actual hike itself so be prepared for wet feet, whether you are wearing waterproof boots or not. Met a lady there that crossed all the streams barefoot.

- When you get to the pink/red rock I HIGHLY recommend taking the trail on the right. There will be another fork in the trail, if you take the left turn it will take you to the waterfall which is absolutely beautiful. Taking the main trail (or right turn) will take you to an overview/outlook of the waterfall and you can choose to do a longer hike/loop.

IF you decide to take the straight/left trail at the pink rock, be prepared to do some bushwacking as there is no trail. We tried to take that trail, but it leads to nothing and is pretty sketchy. Enter at your own risk.

- Be wary of ticks on this trail. I found a tick on myself and another in my car after getting home.

7 months ago

This trail was lovely this time of year. The flowers are just starting to bloom, the grass is lush and the river is full. The trail was easy to get to and easy to follow until the end. I don't know if we missed something or the weather wiped it out but the last leg of the trail didn't seem do-able for amateur hikers, it was very steep, close to the edge and just very muddy. I've done much more difficult trails before but this didn't seem like a proper trail. So in the end we didn't get quite close enough to the falls. Like I said, the trail might have been damaged or it could have been we missed a turn off somewhere. Over all though we had a really lovely morning and enjoyed ourselves soggy feet and all.

7 months ago

8 months ago

8 months ago

The vast majority of the trail is relatively flat and easy. However, once you approach the waterfall the trails on both sides are practically washed out. I recommend following the rocks and the water until you reach the waterfall. Plenty of water flowing off today. I don't see it drying up anytime soon. Plan on crossing the stream at least 10x along the way. Your feet will be wet and/or muddy the entire hike.

Love this hike! Hiking the valley & lots of crossing creek. Expect to get ur shoes soaking wet:)

Easy hike. Mainly flat until you're close to the waterfall. Trail is a little confusing towards the end because we wanted to get to the waterfall. We found out later that it's all connected.
There are a total of nine streams to cross. That was pretty refreshing. Just to let you guys know, the road was closed to through traffic. Be careful driving through.

10 months ago

Good trail, easy to follow. All the elevation gain is at the end. Waterfall was running well on New Year's Day.

11 months ago

liked this hike. the trail was a bit boggy in places but I expected that. beautiful view of the falls. brought the dogs and they had a great time too!

Monday, August 08, 2016

Did about 1.5 miles out before we turned around. This part of the trail has a lot of star thistle growing adjacent to both sides of the trail and some poison oak right now. Even with boots and hiking pants, the star thistle was uncomfortable, so don't wear sandals or shorts! Also, the temperature up here was about 12 degrees warmer than the city of Napa (84 vs. 96) so plan accordingly.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

It's a very easy lovely hike. Lightly traveled and easy to get to. Though would recommend long pants and gators to not get tore up by grasses and what not. I went off trail and setup my hammock over looking the valley for a nice afternoon nap. When I went (2 weeks ago) there was no fresh running water. Make sure to bring plenty.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I've hiked this trail a few times. I always just go to the water fall and back which is around 7 miles. This trail is always over grown. There are about 8 creek crossings one way. During the summer they are dried up and during the rain season they are uncross able. Best time fall and spring when it hasn't rained for at least a week. The water will be about 6" deep and there are enough rocks at each crossing to get across. I went summer of 2016 and the only water to be found was near the water fall, even with my filter it tasted like pond scum, 100 degrees that day, should of brought more water. There is a nice camp spot near the base of the falls. Here are some coordinates-
trail head- N38.75190 & W122.28355
Camp- 38.78105 & 122.31963
Trail fork- 38.77872 & 122.31464 right camp, left up to top of water fall and great view.