Beautiful easy hike.

For being so close to the cities here it's a hike with some really nice views and tons of secluded spots to hang out for periods of time.. nothing too epic about the hike, but the ease to quality ratio is high with thus one

I live very close to this trail, so it is a great place to walk my dog and let her swim on the river. During the spring all of the poppys and other wildflowers make this place incredible

Perfect New Year Day hike. Venture off the main trail for the smaller, along-the -river exploring paths. So many specials secluded spots. Beautiful part of the river.

This is one of our favorite hikes. It’s like being in Yosemite, but you don’t have to drive so far.

Lots of off trail trails to see and climb the rocks if you cross the covered bridge. Gorgeous views!!! Dog did amazing as well and was not difficult for her. River is beautiful

great trail. good view the whole time.

Nice change of pace from the normal Central Valley agriculture. Small fee for parking but well worth it. Trail starts at the Information center and traverses up to the historic site and beyond. Feel free to hike the trail and explore on the way back. Lovely views and a great afternoon out. Plenty of picnic tables and river access!

Gorgeous scenery! River is a tad cold, but sure cooled me off.

There are a couple of trail options, when you come. You can stay on the old, dirt road and have a nice hilly walk, or you can meander along the trails closer to the riverbank for a better work out. Nearer the river, there are large rocks and boulders that need to be navigated around. We went early in the morning, but it was hot by 1030. Saw a lot of ground squirrels, a few rabbits, lizards, snakes (no rattles), hawks and turkey vultures. The river was lovely. Dogs can come on a leash. The National Parks annual pass was valid at this site.

Had a blast here !!!

My family and I really enjoyed it. We hiked back a bit and we were able to go swimming in the river. Our dogs really enjoyed it also!

Perfect for rock climbers and cliff jumpers. Water is crystal clear but always soooo cold! Love this place

Nice short trail with great looks at the river. Pretty good traffic, dogs are allowed to come as well. Picnic area for family outings if you want to set it up. Parking was a little tough to spot as I got there around 10 AM.

Nice getaway from Modesto.

Bridge was nice, it's right near the parking lot. The trail itself becomes very narrow after the first half mile and isn't the best for running. You also have to hop over a barbed wire fence at one point.

Great, fairly well-maintained trail for hiking. There is a mild change in elevation and quite a bit of rocks but nothing too difficult. It's $5 to park (otherwise free if you have a national park pass or anything similar to that). Very dog friendly. We brought brought dog booties just in case :) but our dog didn't need them and she enjoyed the hike.

Watch out for beer bottles and broken glass along parts of the trail.

It's a nice trail but has tons of small rocks that are the perfect size for rolling ankles. Good ankle support is a must. Not too far off the beaten path if you want a quick hike. There's a handful of lookout points for the river.

Very beautiful scenery. Nice creative car trails. Little shorts but well worth it .

This trail has something for everyone. Overflow parking on other side of bridge/river. Doggie and family friendly.

Went through the rocks instead of the normal trail and had a blast. Always nice, they now charge $5 to park and only accept debit.

Pretty easy and nice

Monday, February 20, 2017

Good place to wander. Can veer off trail without much risk.
Not my favorite scenery, but it is close by so I come here the most often. The trails are pretty rocky and my dog has tender feet, but he will build up some calluses. It was a fun outing today.
Lots of dog traffic. :)

Great historic place. I took 3 of my kids with me and they loved it.

Nice little hike.

had a blast great for kids 7 and up I'd say alot of off trails caught myself way off the map but nonetheless was super fun great views great weather and a historical site

Very pretty trail system, many minor forks to explore and the old Mill and covered bridge make it extra interesting.

Beautiful scenic view I wish the trails were longer and with some type of direction. I ran into alot of dead ends still had fun brought my 2yr old and 16 yr they loved it.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

This was a great day out with the family! The river and rock formations are beautiful and make for fun climbing obstacles for our young children. Their was many off chute small trails to explore that we were unable to get to today, that we'll come back and explore.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Excellent path for children (I had a 5 year old with me). Plenty of rocks to climb up and down, a mild main trail for walking the loop, and several offshoots that go down to the river for easy exploring.

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