Beautiful section of the PCT with big views! If you can make it to Man Eaten Lake, there’s some great swimming & camping

Hiked out to Grouse Gap because the trail to summit apparently requires bushwhacking. Simply not in the mood. Grouse Gap is a lovely place to hang and look out at Mt Shasta and eat a snack. Little over 4 miles to the shelter and then I just came back the same way. :)

8 months ago

the peak is pretty, but if you follow this trail, please know you will be bushwacking or following a road trail all the way up. we were happy we summited, but this is not really a trail at all. we didnt stick to this map, its not easy to follow at all. dont recommend unless you want to bushwack.

9 months ago

Parked at Etna Summit We were greeted by PTC hikers looking for a ride into Etna. Told them if they were still there when we returned that we would give them a lift to town. The hike is a gradual climb. The trail down to the lake is steep but it has many switch backs. The lake is beautiful. No one else was at the lake. Great place to have a snack. Back at TH there were 2guys so we gave them some water and a ride into town. Beautiful views

Extremely strenuous and rewarding! Amazingly, I didn’t get any ticks or poison oak. Once you finish this section you’ll be ready to tackle anything. Camp at kangaroo spring, it’s secluded and gorgeous.

Beautiful section! Rugged, but worth it!

10 months ago

Completed this hike with my family yesterday. It was a beautiful hike with great scenery. A little scramble and down but overall good hike. The lake was beautiful but too many people for us. There is a nice view of Meeks Lake from Upper Ruffey Lake. We didn’t venture down to that lake but it looked pretty from our view. Gorgeous little wildflowers and succulents all around. And lastly could have done without the bugs haha.

11 months ago

June 30 th 2019 We did a full loop starting from the south side which is unmarked and starts at the quarry and is only an old bulldozer trail which was only about 1 mile up but a pretty good climb. We then circled the rim on top which was .08 and took the main trail back down west and along the Northside to the trailhead which was 2 miles. We then followed the road which led back to our vehicles along the base which was about 2.5 miles. The total distance was around 5.3 to 5.5. Very nice hike with amazing views of Shasta, Mt Eddy and the Grass Lake Valley area. Road was in good shape. It was 8.8 miles from Hwy 97 to the quarry where we started.

no shade
over grown
11 months ago

Much better access is available by Forest Service road (41N33) across the canyon from Snowslide Gulch. Trail crosses Little North Fork Salmon River and goes up the opposite (west) side of Snowslide Gulch. Trail gets a lot more wildlife travel than human and can be hard to follow. Will try to get a track next time.

Sat May 25 2019

Not a trail!

I went snowshoeing on this trail. It was a beautiful day. You could see Mt Shasta to the south and Mt McLoughlin on the other side of Mt Ashland. The trail is well groomed all the way up to the summit.

Thu Jul 19 2018

4 points for the hike itself, but 2 for ease of following. The hike is gorgeous, but the places it diverges from the PCT are not marked and involve some steep bushwalking. The trail description should point this out.

Mon Jun 25 2018

We hiked in from the road on the PCT. We hiked approximately 2 miles from the trailhead. The first 1.5 miles was steep up, then the last .5 mile was steep down. Once you hit the crest, you get a great view of Upper Ruffey Lake and Mt. Etna peak. Very beautiful. We camped fairly close to the lake and on the second day we hiked about a mile into meek meadow lake. Not too much to see there but the plains/Marsh was very beautiful. We took 4 kids with us ranging in age from 6-10. All the kids did well and would say this is kid friendly with a few steep areas to keep in mind with small kids. Bring your fishing pole!

Mon Jun 18 2018

Take note, the part not on the PCT is part ski slope descent, part creek ascent, and part bushwhacking. I'm disappointed this is presented as a trail.

Beautiful drive campgrounds nice too hiked to beaches

Wed Dec 20 2017

Hiked early December, ran into a lot of snow in different places. It was a beautiful hike with many views of Shasta! As you depart from the PCT, the trail isn’t marked and we trekked through about 6 inches of snow. I assume it would be easier to see without ground covering. The hike back down was also not noticeable as there was snow. Looks like it was to go down around the ski slope, but wasn’t completely sure. Ended up turning around and going back the way we came. Fairly easy hike for an experienced hiker. Traveled with one, inexperienced hiker who had quite a bit of difficulty.

Sat Oct 14 2017

The best way to get to the lake is to drive north from the Taylor Lake trail head— not via the PCT. Thirty years ago the road went to within 800 yards of the lake. It’s blocked now because it’s too dangerous. Today, it’s a steep one mile hike to the lake. My best trout fishing day in my life was at upper Ruffey lake. We camped overnight and fished the next morning. We caught fish using anything we tried: flies, lures, salmon eggs, worms, and Super Bait. This was my children’s first exposure to fishing. It ruined fishing for them because they thought their first experience was common. The next time we fished Ruffey lake, we didn’t catch anything. The Lower Ruffey Lakes are a short, easy hike. These lakes are a good day hike, particularly if you approach from the Taylor Lake trailhead. I recommend this hike but don’t plan on a magic fishing day.

Mon Oct 09 2017

Beautiful fall hike!

Sun Oct 08 2017

Little travelled, except maybe in hunting season (late Summer/ Fall: check). Good basecamp: lots of nearby features. Trout in the lake(s). In summer it is hot down at Sawyers Bar, but it is pleasant when you get to altitude. Easiest to take two days in (uphill) if your are heavily loaded or with kids. One day out isn't too hard.

I hiked to Devil's Peak-gorgeous but a lot of ticks!

Wed Aug 02 2017

there is not a signed trail at least you wanna walk on the road with the cars. but is easy enough to create your own. very nice wildflowers now!!

Awesome trail with fantastic wildflowers and an amazing 360 degree view at the top!

Tue Jul 11 2017

Long hike but pretty good.

I hiked to Devil's Peak...pants were COVERED in ticks...I jumped in the water afterwards

Sat Oct 01 2016

A great hike with great views. Don't miss the "rabbit ears" just below the summit.

Only made it half way, due to a drop off jumping out in front of me, but is a great run.

Tue Jun 07 2016

Beautiful views!

Mon Oct 26 2015

One of my favorite hikes. Beautiful views of Shasta, plus--of course--the top of Mt Ashland. Great forests and meadows, lovely flora and fauna. Campsites within easy distance for backpackers. The trail gets a little faint/overgrown in some portions but it's still obvious where to go. The picnic shelter at Grouse Gap is a nice spot for lunch location and view-wise, but I was bummed at how full of litter and trash it was when we stopped there. Also know that horses are allowed on this trail.

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