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John Muir considered Kings Canyon as a rival to Yosemite Valley. The view of the canyon is breathtaking and a portal to extensive hiking opportunities. Home to granite peaks and wild rivers, giant sequoia groves and the General Grant Tree (the world's second largest), Kings Canyon National Park should be on every hikers "to do" list.

Fun times. Glen pass ain't bad at all!!!

2 days ago

Are dogs really allowed on this trail? I thought dogs can't go anywhere within the national parks.

Worth it to relax at the end with a beautiful view in front of you

Moderate hike. Largely flat road. First mile is exposed and less interesting than the rest of the trail. Nats/mosquitos abound; wear big spray. Popular for day hikers and multi-day backpackers, but if you hit the trail early less people. Recommend hiking just a bit past the bottom of Mist Falls. Good views of the Canyon about half-way up the waterfall (approx. 0.2 mile).

on Rae Lakes Trail

7 days ago

Easy paved trail to beautiful and powerful waterfall. Lots of rock to sit on and enjoy the falls

Loved this trail! Trail is clear and full of beauty. First mile or so has a lot of fire damage, but nothing impeding the trail and honestly I thought it was cool to see. That being said, don't forget your sunscreen because a good chunk of the trail is exposed without shade. The falls were roaring and the forest was gorgeous and green after you got past the fire scars!

9 days ago

My trip was an overnight starting at the Onion Valley trailhead, then on to Heart Lake for the night. The next day from Heart Lake to Kearsarg Pass at 11,758.

The above route is nothing to galk at as each of those are also rated as hard but well worth the effort, as Heart Lake can only be reached by a 600ft climb up or down based on entry point.

Once one reaches Kearsarg one heads up the incline increases via 1000 feet in half mile, then after circumventing the three false peaks one then reaches Gould at 13,005ft in three quarters of a mile.

I have attached a picture of Gould taken from the third false peak just to show the peak. While the third false peak is only 12,995ft but is not as technically challenging as Gould.

The peak will yeld some of the majestic views one can only achieve by climbing to such heights.

To Each Hiker is Their Own!

10 days ago

I really enjoyed this hike. The falls were spectacular. We did come across a rattlesnake sunning himself on the trail. He rattled, uncoiled and slithered away. We also came face to face with a bear ... we exchanged pleasantries and went our separate ways. I recommend bug spray, as the mosquitos were out in full force.

10 days ago

Did this hike as part of backpacking the Rae Lakes Loop. I would highly recommend doing the loop - it's beautiful! Here is a trip report with pictures and logistical info: https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/rae-lakes-loop/

10 days ago

This is an amazing backpacking loop. I did it in July of 2016 and loved it. Here is my trip report with a bunch of pictures and logistical info: https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/rae-lakes-loop/

I turned a blind corner and ran into a black bear. We glanced at each other and kept walking. Whew. Awesome sighting

12 days ago

Nice views but heavy smoke from fires reduced visibility a lot

12 days ago

Beautiful Waterfall just off the highway. Easy walk to the falls

With the exception of a portion of the trail that goes through granite boulders it's a very smooth and easy trail. The meadow is beautiful and the view of the mountains are amazing. You cross the river on a bridge and the river adds to the beauty of the walk