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John Muir considered Kings Canyon as a rival to Yosemite Valley. The view of the canyon is breathtaking and a portal to extensive hiking opportunities. Home to granite peaks and wild rivers, giant sequoia groves and the General Grant Tree (the world's second largest), Kings Canyon National Park should be on every hikers "to do" list.

aside from getting eaten alive by bugs, it was a fantastic hike.

fun trail with a good payoff at the end. Great drive up to the trailhead as well.

One of the best views for such a short hike.

Awesome trail. Killer mosquitos. Stunning views

This trail is also known as the Shepherd Pass trail. It's a fantastic trail and in great condition. If your car can't make it up the rough dirt road to the hiker trailhead, consider parking at the the stock trailhead, a half mile before the hiker turnoff. Then hike up the stock trail to join the hiker trail.

Fantastic trail and in great condition. If your car can't take the rough dirt road to the hiker trailhead, consider parking at the stock trailhead, a half mile before the hiker turnoff. Then hike up the stock trail to join the hiker trail.

1 month ago

Go in the winter. Miles of MASSIVE Sequoias and beautiful scenery. We went on Dec, 8 2017 and didn’t see a single other person on the entire trail. Zero. BUT, we did see a Mountain Lion about 80ft in front of us on the trail at the 4mi mark. Luckily he/she took off, but we were definitely on edge the rest of the way. Took us 3hrs and 10min to complete the loop

Quick and easy hike. Perfect short and simple trail to get an amazing view of the sunrise if you get up there early enough!

Awesome easy flat hike in King’s Canyon. Flat. Loved the meadow board walk and rock sections.

I chose this hike because the reviews said it was a good place to get away from any crowds, and it definitely did not disappoint! I only saw one other person on the trail. The dirt road leading down to the trailhead is a little sketch, I briefly got stuck in a pothole on the way back up to the main road, but I still managed in my '97 Camry so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just take it slow and steady. No snow yet, and today was sunny and warm. The fall colors of the oaks were a beautiful backdrop for the towering sequoias, and you even get some panoramic views of the surrounding canyon. Loved this hike!

If you like sequoias and don't like the crowds this is the hike for you. We ran into two people all day. The were some views(all of big baldy and redwood canyon). There was sequoias the entire hike but you will know when you enter the sugarbowl. Redwood canyon itself is nice. You get to hike along a creek for a little while and the fall colors on the oaks were a nice shade of red and yellow. This was a great fall hike!

2 months ago

Had a great trip here on an unusually warm and clear weekend in late October. We did the clockwise loop from Road's End in 3 days / two nights. All told I would've enjoyed having another day or two to spend up by the lakes. The total mileage for the loop from Road's End is more like 42 and of the few other parties we saw it seemed like 4 or 5 days was the more common outing. This is a really fine bit of the sierras!

Nice hike. Views of rock falls, stream and forest. Feels remote even though there's a road very nearby.

2 months ago

October, 2017- Did an overnighter at campsite 1 (~6.5 miles in). Daytime temps low 70s, nighttime temps low 30s. Views were slightly obscured by nearby prescribed fire, but the morning sunlight made for some impressive lighting. We were lucky to come within 10 ft and 60 ft of two black bears- one on the way in and one on the way out (both of them were quick to get away from us). Also, a fawn and doe visited our campsite.
Overall a great overnight hike that I highly recommend.

Great hike away from the crowds. We only saw 4 other people on the trail. There was grove after grove of Sequoias. It really was amazing to be in the middle of such large trees and the still quite of nature. Such a blessing to be able to experience such an amazing place!

2 months ago

Truly beautiful view. The way up is an excessive amount of rock stairs which is tough if you are not an experienced hiker. We saw a bear 20ft from the trail pass the falls, which are also incredible. The stream takes you all the way to the campsite

Quick and enjoyable out and back with amazing views at the summit. Not too difficult but can be tough if you are not used to altitudes.

Stunning hike. Was tired by the end but a very good tired. Saw only a handful of people until I reached the Sugar Bowl. Spectacular views everywhere you look. Would do this hike again anytime.

Had the whole hike to myself. Stunning views.

3 months ago

A short and pleasant stroll around a peaceful meadow that offers beautiful, scenic views outside and within! My DH enjoyed sighting wildlife with his binoculars while I enjoyed meandering along with my camera taking in the sights. If only I lived here to do this on a weekly basis! :-D Since this is on the end of the road, my recommendation would be to do this first since you will have to backtrack anyway. Who knows? You may see more wildlife earlier in the day!

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