Bridge was nice, it's right near the parking lot. The trail itself becomes very narrow after the first half mile and isn't the best for running. You also have to hop over a barbed wire fence at one point.

Great, fairly well-maintained trail for hiking. There is a mild change in elevation and quite a bit of rocks but nothing too difficult. It's $5 to park (otherwise free if you have a national park pass or anything similar to that). Very dog friendly. We brought brought dog booties just in case :) but our dog didn't need them and she enjoyed the hike.

Watch out for beer bottles and broken glass along parts of the trail.

It's a nice trail but has tons of small rocks that are the perfect size for rolling ankles. Good ankle support is a must. Not too far off the beaten path if you want a quick hike. There's a handful of lookout points for the river.

Very beautiful scenery. Nice creative car trails. Little shorts but well worth it .

This trail has something for everyone. Overflow parking on other side of bridge/river. Doggie and family friendly.

Went through the rocks instead of the normal trail and had a blast. Always nice, they now charge $5 to park and only accept debit.

Pretty easy and nice

Good place to wander. Can veer off trail without much risk.
Not my favorite scenery, but it is close by so I come here the most often. The trails are pretty rocky and my dog has tender feet, but he will build up some calluses. It was a fun outing today.
Lots of dog traffic. :)

Great historic place. I took 3 of my kids with me and they loved it.

Nice little hike.

had a blast great for kids 7 and up I'd say alot of off trails caught myself way off the map but nonetheless was super fun great views great weather and a historical site