Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, managed by the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation, includes large areas of native coastal sage scrub habitat, lawns and landscaped areas, picnic sites, tot lots, fishing lake, lotus pond, community center and five miles of trails. There are six restrooms; the community center has four administrative offices and a small meeting room. One of the most actively used features is the parks variety of footpaths and trails. The Burke Roche Trail and the Rim Trail are the most recent trails created. More than 7 miles of existing trails include the Burke Roche trail which is 2.2 miles, the Bowl Loop at 0.8 miles, the Ridge trail at 2.6 miles, the Waterfall Trail at one mile and the Ballfield Walking Path at one half-mile. Open Daily 6:00am to Sunset

Why do the stairs at the gym if you have this option?! Fresh air and beautiful views! Steep stairs to the top. Great leg work out!

Great for a good hike if you’re in the area. Trees, views, park, and rocks!

Great workout! Hike or stairs as an option to climb up. I take stairs up and then hike down. Great view on top!!

2 months ago

If you’re trying to get a good workout in, take the stairs! Some steps are high but the workout is so worth it. If you aren’t used to the elevation, be careful. I came back from being in Texas for 4 years, tried to run up these stairs and almost passed out. Lol. The view is beautiful. The trails are fun too. Wear some sturdy shoes, some areas of the trail are smooth. A lot of holes too.

Home Sweet Home!!!

This is a very nice and less talked about park in the West LA area (close to LAX!) I especially love the lake at the bottom of the hill. It was like my very own Central Park next door to me! There is also a beautiful stream w/ a small bridge next to the lake that is nice to relax at. Perfect area for picnics, bike riding, and duck gazing.

Update: I explored this trail again and discovered a beautiful Japanese garden and pond. The perfect setting for taking some nice outdoor photos, laying out on the grass, or having some zen to yourself.

- @justroc @just.trek

Easy trail to the top, or a more challenging set of stairs. Either way, you'll reach a nature center and great views of the L.A. basin. Fun quick workout.

Great for a quick lunch time hike. Only as challenging as you wish to make it if you combine the trail with stairs or decide to work out to top where you will find pull up bars and exercise areas.

Fairly easy hike. You have the option of stairs or straight trail which is nice. Restrooms and nature center at top r kinda nice.

Good work out.
Bring water!!! I’m happy that they are trying to clean up trail
Nice view at top!!!!

Pretty nice hike and it’s far enough removed from the city that you get a small taste of escape.

It’s pretty nice. It’s fun and convenient for a quick little hike. Lots of people working out and getting their sweat on.

It's an okay hike, great for working out. You can continue on a really cool nature center if you take the trail at the back of the parking lot towards the oil field. I might be more generous with the rating if I'd ever been here on a clear day.

This is a very popular trail frequented by fitness types and lite hikers on the Westside. Take the Culver City stairs all the way to the top and be rewarded a panoramic view of LA. The stairs are deceivingly a solid workout and will have you relieved once you reach the top. I would say this is the Westside's version of Runyon Canyon a bit. If you are really trying to get your workout on, take the stairs up and run down the paved road to the trailhead and do the stairs again.

Great place to run, walk, or simply relax with the views. You can actually drive your car up the zig zagging road and park at the top for $5 if you are just looking for a place to hang out and sight see.

Afterwards treat yourself to the Mexican fruit stands which are typically at the trailhead.

Parking: Tons of free street parking at the trailhead but can be limited especially on the weekends.

- @justroc @just.trek

Well the hike is great,but I was disappointed with the city. We parked on Jefferson blvd we walked to the entrance of the park. The street was full of trash. The city should clean it and fine whoever leaves trash behind! Its such a bad impression of Culver City.

stairs are killer goodd view on clear day nice family hike

The stairs are a killer work out!

always a lightweight breezy walk to a small stair climb that makes you pay for the view

Went Tuesday and there was No parking fee :)
Easy to follow and not a lot of people was there :)
Went with my dog and it was good :)

Nice urban hike with great views of the Baldwin Hills, Santa Monica Bay, DTLA, and the Inglewood Oil Field.

8 months ago

Pay to park. Cash only! Surprise

If you are looking for something close by, easily accessible and a nice, easy couple of miles this is a great hike. You are kind of near to the road and it’s definitely not secluded. But there are only a few hikes I can make it to before it’s dark after work and this is the one I find myself doing most. We usually only run into a few other people. This Friday evening I only ran into one other group. The upper portion gets a bit overgrown with wildflowers and grass in the spring. It’s quite long now so if that bothers you stick to the lower trail.

This is a really easy hike to go on for beginners, and you get a really good view. There is a summer camp at the top + the Culver steps if you feel like tackling that.

Easy and safe hiking with my little doggie

A west side oasis, great trails for all skill levels.

10 months ago

Great, accessible workout in the city. Plenty of free street parking when I go on weekdays. Bathrooms, drinking fountain, and nice city views found at the top. I like to take the stairs up and the switchback trail down. It's a little crowded, but that doesn't really matter since it's just a city stairs workout.

Nice hike, nice views

trail running
10 months ago

there's a parking lot and the trail is nice and easy for running.

Went today with my husband and 8 month old baby and loved it !

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