15 days ago

A jewel right outside of town. There are several trails at this location, so look at the map prior to starting out. The grapevine trail was beautiful where the river and creek met. Lots of rabbits, squirrels, birds, lizards and the wild Lilly flowers were beautiful.

Beautiful trail and plenty of wildlife. Great for a family that has younger kids.

2 months ago

great walk for family,

3 months ago

Nice little walk with the kids. I wish we had grabbed a map out of the info box before starting. There are numbered markers that tell you about the trees and foliage in the area. We found them on our way out.

Very easy hike as it's pretty flat terrain. Our dogs love being brought on walks out here and it's close to home, Visalia, Ca.

4 months ago

Easy hike, family friendly, and pretty landscape. Nice for getting out and having a picnic lunch.

Walked this a few weeks ago. A very easy walk. The terrain was mostly flat. Saw people put with their kids, strollers, and dogs. Only thing was we tried to walk the swamp trail and it was impassable. Lots of dead trees, high grass, and an unclearly marked trail meant we didn't know where we were going and had to turn around.

This place is way cool! Even though a couple of the trails are closed right now, I still had a blast this morning. The trails are all marked off of the larger dirt path. The preserve also features a picnic area, restrooms, maps, and a nice parking lot. There are also picnic tables and benches around the trails. This morning it was so calm and quiet and just beautiful. I plan on coming back every time I'm in town visiting!

5 months ago

6 months ago

Lovely walk, dog enjoyed it. very nice.

Good walks with my dogs just outside of town. All level for the most part. Nice peace and quiet. In the spring and summer the creeks nearby are running nicely.

Nice quick walks Beautiful

Thursday, February 18, 2016