Amazing views! Easier hike down to the mine, harder on the way back up. Luckily there are shady spots along the way to cool off!

down 1st on paved road, a bit overgrown. bad on a hot, windy day.
OK views.

Fun hike. Downhill to the old mine so uphill back but not really strenuous. Take a flashlight so you can go into the mines. First one you see you have to crawl into but supposedly it opens up after a bit. The second one you can walk in. I'd give it a five had I had a real flashlight.
We saw rusted out cars and a stroller looking thing - I hope whatever happened people were ok!

Fun little hike, park at the end of the street and walk down the private road to find the trail head. I saw a few people on the trail but not busy at all. It is a slight down hill down to the mine, then be prepared for the slight uphill all the way back up. Maybe 1/4 of the way down, on the right you can see the small entrance to the Golden Gem Mine, then the trail continues down to Warlock Mine (opened in 1870), you can see a lot of remains of the old buildings and the entrance to the mine.

4 months ago

i did the hike by myself and didnt see anyone at all, no one bothered me about passing the "private road" sign. its a super easy hike with no real inclines, some overgrowth, tons of fire ants, and beautiful mountains. i went in mid july and during the last 30 minutes of my hike it started to rain! but i saw the most beautiful rainbow.

the only 'con' was that i was super sketched out by the junk/shacks/campers dumped around. approaching the first one (crap everywhere!) i saw empty bullet shells all over the ground, and because i was a girl hiking by myself i almost turned around. fortunately it seems like its all abandoned, i didnt hear or see anyone in any of the shacks or motor homes. does anyone know if people actually live there?

One of the most fun hikes I've ever done. The mines are amazing. Looking into the past and standing right where the history books talk about is crazy. The trail itself is not challenging. To get to the water tower and certain spots can be tricky, but totally worth it. Highly recommend this trail.

6 months ago

Yesterday, May, 27, 2017 hiked down to Old Banner water tower and mine caves! Crawled to into the mine to explore and was able to stand/walk inside to adventure! Spooky dark but cool! The trail was well maintained but lot of overgrowth! 3.87 RT mileage and 856 ft elevation gain on s perfect weather not a cloud in the sky day!

Good for a quick hike. Beautiful at sunrise.

ok hike with some good views and history. why i didn't give it a higher mark, was all the junk and garbage
on the trail/road just after the mine at the end. i now know the hike is to end at the mine. but i walked a half mile further down the road. and yuk! crap everywhere. i think a few people actually live in the junker
dwellings. it was creepy.

Short but sweet! Fun little adventure.

It was fun and a great hike but mostly incline heading back up the trial! But the caves were great to see!