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Yesterday, May, 27, 2017 hiked down to Old Banner water tower and mine caves! Crawled to into the mine to explore and was able to stand/walk inside to adventure! Spooky dark but cool! The trail was well maintained but lot of overgrowth! 3.87 RT mileage and 856 ft elevation gain on s perfect weather not a cloud in the sky day!

Good for a quick hike. Beautiful at sunrise.

ok hike with some good views and history. why i didn't give it a higher mark, was all the junk and garbage
on the trail/road just after the mine at the end. i now know the hike is to end at the mine. but i walked a half mile further down the road. and yuk! crap everywhere. i think a few people actually live in the junker
dwellings. it was creepy.

Short but sweet! Fun little adventure.

It was fun and a great hike but mostly incline heading back up the trial! But the caves were great to see!

Good for family

not another soul(minus the snake and bat I saw) on the trail, which I always love.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Awesome hike and great with kids. We didn't see any residents or locals per the previous reviews. We actually went down the private drive and irked across from trail entrance. The mines are cool and we also saw a sleeping bat.. Thankfully he didn't see us. You can even see rusted out reply old cars in the canyon. It was 2.5 miles round trip from the trailhead.

Monday, February 15, 2016

****GPS DIRECTIONS ARE WRONG****. Read angel Anderson's review below for the right directions. Pretty much park in the cul de sac and to your right you will see a road with a sign that says " private road" walk down and stay on the road and a few hundred feet later on the left hand side is the banner toll road with the famous yellow sign. As long as you stay on the road/trail you are fine. Bring water and flashlights to explore the two yes two mines on the trail. One is about halfway thru on the right hand side and the second one the actual warlock mine is near the old rusted remains. Pretty cool and definitely worth the trip