* JULIA PFEIFFER BURNS State Park is open for limited day use. Trails on the west side of Highway 1 are open. This includes the Overlook Trail and Partington Cove Trail. Trails on the east side of Highway 1 are closed. Ewoldsen, Canyon, Tanbark, Waters and the Tinhouse Fire Road Trails are closed. The campground is closed. Highway 1 is only accessible by vehicle from Nacimiento-Fergusson Road. Please use a map to check your route before travelling. Be advised that RVs and trailers are not allowed on Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd and that diesel fuel is not available. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park offers a dramatic meeting of land and sea - attracting visitors, writers, artists and photographers from around the world. The same geologic, climate and marine processes that shape the character of this beautiful park keep it undeveloped, susceptible to natural forces. Wildfires and landslides are common. This state park is named after Julia Pfeiffer Burns, a well respected pioneer woman in the Big Sur country. The park stretches from the Big Sur coastline into nearby 3,000-foot ridges. It features redwood, tan oak, madrone, chaparral, and an 80-foot waterfall that drops from granite cliffs into the ocean from the Overlook Trail. A panoramic view of the ocean and miles of rugged coastline is available from the higher elevations along the trails east of Highway 1. In December and January the bench at the end of Overlook trail is an excellent place to watch for gray whales migrating southward to their breeding and calving grounds off the Baja California coast. Many whales pass close to shore at this point, and occasionally one will come into the mouth of the cove. In March and April, they can be seen returning north to their summer feeding grounds in the North Pacific. Park temperatures range from the mid-80s at higher elevations inland to the mid-40s, with heavy winter rains and frequent coastal fog. Layered clothing is advised. Open 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset.

Short trail but incredible end

Beautiful trail!

Super easy trail and short. Million dollar views, we couldn't take a bad picture.

The hike was difficult but totally worth it. We took our time taking in all the sites.

April 2016. One of the best hikes I've ever done. The mix of terrain, scenery, and wildlife was incredible. Redwoods, brooks, wildflowers, condors, and ocean were all a part of our day.

Bucket List quality view. Must see.

My favorite hike so far! Vast nature ... trees are amazing and suddenly hiking up it all opens up and you see out into the pacific ... breathtaking!

Stunning views - very easy, recommend it after coming from Ewoldsen Trial

Breath taken beautiful,easy walking in traffic.

6 months ago

One of my all time favorite hikes. Very lush and beautiful forest in the beginning with a decent trek uphill, but once you crest you get to see beautiful ocean views, the top of all the trees and even a grassy hill side to relax on. Worth the time and effort.

McWay Cove and McWay Falls are two of the most beautiful parts of the Big Sur Coast of California. Located along scenic Highway 1, it is worth getting out of your car and taking a look. You will never forget it.