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Definitely a challenging hike that is mostly boulder scrambling with a fair bit of exposure in quite a few places. Need to be agile and confident rock and boulder hopping to make it up this track. It does reward you with beautiful views of the surrounding cliffs and vistas below and could serve as access to further adventures if you want.
We did find a couple of small pools of water about half way up so maybe that was the spring? Were also told there were some remnants of an old bootleggers still somewhere up there but we did not find them.
A fun but definitely “hard” hike.

Well marked and there are green blazes on rocks on the Maze Loop. I started before dawn on a Tuesday in March and had the whole thing to myself until the end. Northview is spectacular!

A fun little hike in Joshua Tree. Pretty short and easy. Like a lot of places in Joshua Tree, the rock formations are pretty fun to explore and climb. The dam itself and the history are pretty interesting.

Definitely more “touristy” due to the short length and ease of the hike, but still fun to see.

Fun scramble beyond the lake

A very nice hiking loop. We enjoyed it very much.

We enjoyed this easy loop trail with lots to see and fun photography options. Lots of places to scamper on the rocks and a good trail for those more interested in meandering.

Easy hike and kids could free climb fun boulder mountains

The hike to the dam is easy and the dam itself is worth the visit.

I have never been hiking in Joshua Tree National Park, so this is a question for those who have traveled and hiked here. Do you have tour guides or just offer maps to hike each trail listed on your own? Thank you!

This was a nice easy scenic trail. Have an opportunity to sit and hang out on the rocks over the damned pond.

I love this place,
so much to explore,
Great sunsets from the top of the boulders!!

I love this place

This place is really something to be experienced. I read a lot of write-ups on this loop saying how poorly marked the trail is, but I think many of those were outdated. Once you find the parking area at the trail head (located at mile marker 24 along Park Blvd) you will find good signage on the trail...the only challenge is to actually stay on the trail. There are rocks and branches that are strategically placed to guide you. As long as you are paying attention these are easy to spot. Regardless I would highly suggest a compass and map for this trail (my GPS failed about 20 yards from the car) People have gotten lost here and it has ended tragically, so why take any chances

Very nice hike especially in spring when there is still water in the little lake that is barred by the dam. Unfortunately it has the same problem as Hidden Valley...too many people.

I loved this hike. It was well marked, easy terrain, and the damn was interesting to see. There is one small section that might be a bit challenging for those with mobility issues, otherwise a great hike for all skill levels.

I really enjoyed this hike, it was short and easy to follow. Once we reached the dam we climbed some rocks and relaxed and took in the beautiful view. I would definitely like to do this hike again.

Xelent place to camp & boulder hooping

Nice stroll through some nice rock formations.

Will do this again for sure. Beautiful hike, water and rocks.

Nice little trail! It’s a neat peace of history

Easy kid friendly and short hike with lots of spots where you can go off trail for a bit and climb some of the impressive rock formations. We were here at dusk and it was beautiful!

Super easy trail, with absolutely beautiful scenery! Easy for all ages and fitness levels.

nature trips
2 months ago

Easy and fun hike. There's some hieroglyphics along the trail, the historical Barker Dam, and a lot of signage about the flora and fauna of the area. A great family walk.

Easy, but fun little hike. My wife and I jumped off the trail to climb up for some better vantage points. We arrived early as were basically alone for a bit. By the time we left the trail was heavily trafficked. Nice hike, not hard unless you want to climb up.

rock climbing
3 months ago

It has been many years, but typically this area was great for rock climbing in the Winter Only! Than in the Summer folks would typically use Idylwild: taquit and suicide rock. I was instructed by a world class climber, makes a difference believe me. I don't know what kind of fees, permits, reservations etc are involved these days, there was no administrative protocol back in the day. Just do it.

Trail isn’t called the Maze for nothing but sides are marked with rocks.

This was a beautiful little walk!
We saw the sunset here (see my pictures). And the reflection in the water is so wonderful.

The little lake is beautiful in the fall. Oak trees are orange and yellow and are reflected in the glass like water. An easy but fun hike.

does not let you check in

Short hike but beautiful view of the dam and a nice place to relax if you've been trekking much of the park.

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