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Great nature hike

11 days ago

Agree with prior reviews that the trail is longer than posted, and that it is relatively flat (~150 ft elevation). Missed the path into Pine City and went on the spur along Pine Canyon and to the Twentynine Palms overlook. Did not go beyond the maintenance (or lack thereof) sign. On return, stepped over log and rocks to explore Pine City. Afterward returning to the carpark, took the short trail to the house ruin and Desert Queen mine overlook. A great afternoon complementing the morning's geology tour and getting away from the Spring Break crowd at Hidden Valley.

A great little loop trail. More easy/mod than hard/mod for the more seasoned hikers, but I enjoyed taking it at a more strident pace. The parking lot is small - it fits maybe 11-12 cars, so either go to the end to park and wait til someone leaves or park alongside the entrance road on a pull off. The bees were bountiful and boisterous- both in the trailheads bathroom ( pee behind a bush off the trail instead) and throughout the hike. Divine, but those who are allergic bring an epi pen. We enjoyed a very buzzy lunch together on the trail. The mine didn't look impressive, so I skipped it - there are several trail turnoffs by it, so pay attention to the signs at the junctions to ensure you're staying the right course.

Did this trail from Black Rock Canyon campground to Ryans camp over this past weekend with scouts from BSA Troop 384. Great scenery, excellent weather.

21 days ago

short and relaxing! awesome views and not crowded!

Great scenery changes, never got bored. Great views especially after the mine at top of the hill if traveling clockwise, which I would recommend (it gets most of the hard uphill stuff out of the way on the first third of the hike).

This is a campground but also a very cool place to hike and boulder around. Parked on the Park Blvd road within Joshua Tree NP and took in some of the awesome rocks in this campground. Really cool rocks and a great place to camp.

27 days ago

Very short hike but nice views and not too crowded.

As mentioned by others, this is a great loop trail and makes for a good hike through diverse terrain in the park. Best route is to go clockwise, hiking first to the mine and then continuing on to complete the 6.5 mile total loop. The trail is easily followed and well traveled.

Get to the parking lot early like around 8:30am. The lot was empty save for 2 other vehicles. Wait an hour and it will be tough to find parking. Wanting to do the mine trail (4 mile there and back), we actually started the trail at the trailhead that is near the lot entrance which is the loop trail. This took us to the huge 6-mile loop and we are so happy we did it. Yes it is strenuous and long, but we would have never seen the most amazing, panoramic views of the park on the backside of the mountain. Simply amazing!

29 days ago

A fun relatively short hike. Family friendly - we hiked it in about an hour with 2 young children.

Starting out takes you across flat desert for a mile or so. After that, you get into the Wonderland of Rocks. It lives up to its name. Winding, rocky trail with different formations at every turn. It was a fun, moderate hike.

1 month ago

A very nice hike through many zones of the park. Great to park a car at Indian Cove then drive back and start from the top so most of the hike is downhill.

1 month ago

This is a challenging, unmarked "trail" that is perhaps a little more than "moderate", read: not great for younger or inexperienced hikers. The majority of the route involves scrambling over large boulders including some substantial obstacles in the eastern gorge. Travel time for two adults and one ambitious 11 year old was 4 hours excluding the final climb to the peak. I've done this hike twice and the view from the peak is impressive and a little nerve-wrecking due to a substantial dropoff on the north face.

The landscape is incredible. The trail is a “raiders for the lost ark” expedition- if you don’t have gps and AllTrails you will have no idea where you are. This trail seemed much more than ‘moderate ‘ going up the boulder gorge at the beginning. I just wish it wouldn’t have bested me and I could have completed it. We abandoned the boulder gorge and went around the backside of the loop but ran out of daylight

Definitely more “touristy” due to the short length and ease of the hike, but still fun to see. Would recommend doing this either earlier or later in the day to beat or follow the crowds as there is sometimes some congestion around Skull Rock. Climbing on the surrounding rocks is fun and a good way to get away from some of the people in the trail.

A short and easy hike through some interesting rock formations and vegetation. The informational signs in the area are pretty neat. There’s fun to be had scrambling around the rocks.

The trail isn’t really labeled until you get up close, but it’s in the White Tank campground.

Definitely more “touristy” due to the short length and ease of the hike, but still fun to see. Would recommend doing this either earlier or later in the day to beat or follow the crowds as there is sometimes some congestion around Arch Rock.

1 month ago

short trail but hike around the arch for more views

Could not find trailhead to Quail Mountain from California Hiking and Riding trail. Bring a GPS and maps because this is unmarked and very hard to find!

Easy hike and kids could free climb fun boulder mountains

A fantastic overnighter (Indian Cove-Willow Hole-back). One of the better trails for a moderate backpack trip in JT and nice for a solo excursion. All the uphill is near the beginning at Indian Cove, followed by cathedrals of rock formations. Going in ~5 miles to camp in the rocks is nice, then ~13 miles to Willow Hole and back.

Tips: Camping is only on the west side of the Boy Scout trail and not allowed on the Willow Hole trail. There's a lot of sandy washes so gaiters might be good. Midweek is nice and quiet. Take sun protection seriously and pack lots of water! That's standard fare for JT but being 6+ miles from anything means "for reals."

This was probably my sons favorite trail as there were so many cool rock formations to climb. To get the full loop you hike into Jumbo Rocks campground and head toward the main road. You catch the last part of the loop on the opposite side of the road. Don’t miss this part of the loop! It’s super cool terrain!

Fun trip, the mine structure is a fun place to have lunch...

Short hike but cool photo opportunity with the arch. If you feel adventurous there are rocks to scramble around. It’s a good hike to end the day.

1 month ago

I would recommend starting this trail at the opposite end and maybe turning around after the slot canyon. The views were much better a couple miles in, although the slot canyon was fun.
Sand makes for a little tougher ascent but it’s gradual so not too bad.
What I loved about this trail is the fact that it is less visited and you can go miles without seeing anyone.

This is a highly underrated hike, and one of my favorites. Parking was crowded but the trail was nearly empty. I recommend climbing the lost horse mountain peak as it provides one of the best views in the park. The entire hike took us around 4 hours with several stops and a lunch break. Don't skip this one!

Short easy hike with some opportunity for some cool easy rock climbing.

Nice diverse hike. Great views. Mine is really cool. Loved the Joshua trees

I love this place,
so much to explore,
Great sunsets from the top of the boulders!!

I love this place

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