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Nice trail. Mostly shaded, lots of redwoods. Full loop is closer to 4 miles exactly.

Mostly shaded trail with nice views and varied vegetation. the trail begins with gentle switchbacks up to Sequoia Bayview trail. From there it is a long flat stretch under the tree line with occasional peeks out towards the bay. The Cinderella Trail narrows quite a bit. (I wouldn't want to meet a bike on that part of the trail as parts of it were rough and the steepest section.) Then you are returned back to the trailhead through a flat fire road. Overall, a nice hike.

Perfect place to escape the Walnut Creek heat and get the pup some exercise without working too hard! Easy, shaded, dog friendly loop trail.

Parts of the trail are very active with bikers so it can get very dusty. Relatively shady for most of the trail. Pretty easy trail to follow.

Plenty of parking mid-day Saturday, took 2.5hours to complete. Not really a view of the bay since the view is blocked by trees. Heavily trafficked and lots of bikes, but everyone is friendly enough to share the trail with dogs on and off leash.

Nice trail, but you have to watch out for mountain bikes. Alot.

Extremely fun and great for all ages.

Nice and easy in either direction, even with the elevation gain.

Too narrow and a little slip, we plunge into a ravine.

Love the sound of rushing waters all along this trail in late winter-early spring.

Great hike for you and your dog!

Not the best and safest trail for kid’s biking.

Lovely hike, but the trail is often quite narrow. This would normally be fine, but there are a lot of trail bike riders, and not enough space to accommodate the traffic. It was frustrating for us to constantly move out of their way, and I’m sure it was frustrating for them to constantly be stuck behind hikers.

3 months ago

The waterfalls have been really great the last couple of weeks & I’m excited to go back after this week’s rains — it will be even greener!

It was our First time riding this park, awesome forest settings and great trails. There are also some awesome technical routes other than Cinderella around this park and super fun to ride. Cinderella was heavily trafficked and was a little nerve wracking coming around steep corners only to find people hiking in the middle of the path. I’m not a big fan of hikers allowed on certain trails simply for safety reasons, so beware when your doing 20-30 mph around here. Oh and not one person had their dog on a leash, so there’s that as well to watch out for. Otherwise it’s a great place.

we ended up doing several loops and random trails. it was a bit wet and muddy and still an easy trail. It's amazing to see this kind of beauty is right here in the bay area. There were many kids out on the trails. bikers who for the most part were very polite on the trail. and dog owners who also for the most part were polite. Beautiful creeks ,trees and stick forts. there are picnic tables and bathrooms through different spots as well. we will be back.

Great day walking!

Great hike on a clear day! Cinderella trail can get crowded with fast downhill bikers. There is also a fork which is not on the map. Keep left for a shortcut to Sinawik or right for some extra eucalyptus trees.

Comfortable shaded hike. Good for young kids.

great trail. If you're hoping to take your dog off leash however you're out of luck... a lot of mountain bikers using this narrow trail.

Beautiful hike. You do have to watch for bike riders but most I met called out to us hikers. Biggest draw back was running into several dogs off leash. All signs say dogs need to be on leash.

I enjoyed a 5 mile hike through out these lovely trails.


Trail had lots of fun shortcuts and you could choose if you wanted to do a long hike or a short hike, lots of options.
Kid friendly and dog friendly, and we were surrounded by trees the whole time

Nice morning hike to get the day started :) It can be easy, but there are trails off the sides that will let you challenge yourself.

Mountain bikers called Cinderella trail a bike trail and were pretty hazardous to hikers.

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