Busy trail. Bikers running through very narrow paths and almost resulted in accident. Steep crumbly descent in same parts of Cinderella trail. Decent forest views. No scenic lookouts.

Nice mostly flat trail. The trees keep you in shade most of the time. Only saw a few wildflower blooms.

Nice hiking but lots of mountain bikes so not good for little kids.

The trail was flat on some and uphill on others. Sometimes the trail was not easy to follow.

I hike this location pretty regularly, its really easy

1 month ago

I wish I had read Antoinette S's review as I went for a run and didn't expect the Cinderella trail to be so uphill (and now I see the graphic below the map showing clearly the elevation changes and how I did the trail backwards)...hard for a beginner runner and I did nearly get mowed down by a bicyclist. It's a beautiful trail, but that leg of it I wouldn't call easy.