Mountain bikers called Cinderella trail a bike trail and were pretty hazardous to hikers.

Beautiful Redwoods here. Lots of history behind the man responsible for this park. Not always about the view. Writer, Poet he was a traveler. This was established around 1870 . Great hiking/biking trails. I was here just this past summer.

Nice sunset. Some steep and rocky sections. Watch for mountain bikers

Great forest scenes and trails, moderate ups and downs.

Less crowded but not as pretty as nearby Redwood Park.

This is a good trail. There are no views here, just forest. I did the trail in the opposite direction, so Cinderella trail was last. There is no sign for the Cinderella trail when going in this direction, but if you veer right off the Sequoia Bayview trail as shown on map and then go behind the brown gate, where the orange caution sign is, you'll be on the trail. The Cinderella trail is much steeper than the rest of the hike and is a nice climax if you want to get your heart rate up a little.

love it here!! one of my favourite places to come in the bay area.

I have always enjoyed hiking in coastal redwoods. The red woods look beautiful when sun starts to set and sun rays hit the trees at and angle and light up selective areas in the woods providing excellent photography opportunities!!!

Once you get get a bit in to the trail the sound of the highway gives way to the sound of the creek below.
I think this trail is between easy and moderate due to the steady climb. Worth noting it is also a bit narrow with a significant drop below.

Great park. Some great views. If you stay on the paved path its a little less then 2miles. However, if you follow some of the other trails, you can get a little more of a workout. Not many hills & they are small. Dogs allowed on trail. Big bonus for me.

We hiked the Sunset Trail to the Bayview trail and came back down the mountain via Chaparral trail. the canopied trails were great coupled with the cool weather and great views.

We will be returning soon!

This is a beautiful trail but it is not "easy." This is a moderate hike. The elevation is steep during part of it. But we did see a small waterfall in summer and that is pretty amazing.

Did the Sanawik Loop Trail and part of the Sunset trail. Sanawik takes you through more forest type nature while the Sunset Trail has some amazing views of Oakland and San Francisco. Highly recommend both trails. Sunset is probably more kid friendly.

We went up through the Sunset Trail and at the end of the trail, it recorded 2 miles. We were trying to find the loop back from Sunset Trail but it was a dead end after the goat farm. So we went back down Sunset and took the Sunset Loop Trail which we should have done to begin with. We took the Sequoia Bayview Trail which was supposed to take us to Cinderella Trail and down back to Sunset. But we couldn't find Cinderella Trail so we took the Fern Ravine Trail that connected us back to Sunset. All in all, a total of 5.6mi-- 2 miles up and 3.6 mo looping down with up to about 1200ft elevation. We will do this again and start with the loop and find Cinderella Trail for the complete loop as the map shows.

6 months ago

I'm new to hiking, but I've done three hikes out at this park. To the person who commented there are no views... it's a very big park and on my first two hikes I came across beautiful views. If you go down to the meadow (right inside the entrance on Sanborn) and follow the Sunset Trail to the left, you will in fact come upon a view looking over all of Oakland, Alameda, SF - both bridges, etc. There is a little green bench at the top so you can sit down and enjoy the view. If you instead park by the Woodminster Theater and walk down all the steps (where the waterfalls once were - the drought has emptied this park of most of the water sadly) and then follow the fire road, you come to Lookout Point. Also a great view of Oakland. I, sadly, cannot figure out how to do the Sunset Loop, as the only trails I've found are "Sunset Loop S" which is not maybe a mile long and you end up back at the meadow. Someday I hope to have it mastered! Lol. Sorry for the novel length review. Oh and yes, watch out for bikers if you're just hiking. The trails are narrow almost every time I encounter them. Plenty of nice folks out there. I only have been in the evening, but I highly recommend it. I haven't gotten lost yet (which is a miracle!)

This place is great! It has two dog park, beautiful nature sceneries, a few little water creeks, and places to BBQ/tables. Definitely more of a family hike instead of true work out, not exactly what I had in mind but truly enjoyed it. Also, my fur child loved running around and got him tired enough to call this hike a success! Hope you enjoy as well.

Great hike today! Mild to moderate if you do the loop from sunset to cinderella to sequoia. Trail markers aren't great so it's helpful to have a map.

Nice redwood groves and some good views, but this does not compete with other close by trails/parks.

Loved it! Went as a solo hiker... not a problem at all. The Bay Area's beauty never ceases to amaze me.

Great moderate hike. Should be done counterclockwise as recommended. Cinderella Trail has loose gravel, some short but narrow claustrophobic portions, steep gradient in a couple of places. Id prefer to come down on it rather than going up, hence counterclockwise.
The trails are all very well marked, however, Cinderella trail can be difficult to find. make sure you have GPS phone with a downloaded map.

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