Me and my partner decided to do the trail for her birthday, 3 days to do the loop so we could take our time, and we had a blast.
It was our first time backpacking, but we came prepared. we started from Fox Meadows trail head around 3:30pm and headed to Jennie Lake for our first night we arrived around 7:00 just enough time to enjoy some views of the lake then setup camp and start a fire, before the sun set. the second night we stayed in-between Rowell Meadow Junction and Warren Lake, that day we arrived with plenty of time before the sun set, but there was a storm brewing as we were hiking down the canyon so we set up between some of the streams. that night we both vented of being sore in various spots due to the pack. on the third night we got to warren lake in under an hour and a half. Jennie lake wasn't very populated the night that we stayed there. The 2nd night we were alone for the night which was pretty cool. Warren lake ,due to being so close to two trail heads, was very packed. This made it tough to sneak away and perform certain doodies.

Poop out pass was not all it was made out to be.

In retrospect doing the trail counter clockwise seems to be the easier choice.

all and all the trail was much fun, I cant wait to explore more of Sequoia national forest!

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We took this hike in search of wildflowers in the high meadows. We were surprised to find that this trail is entirely in forest with no open vistas. We did see grouse and marmot and some wildflowers, but the flowers were mostly on their decline. Next time we'll veer left at Marvin Pass and ascend Mitchell Peak for the 360 degree views.

Both lakes are great places to camp. They get a little crowded on the weekends but can be a lot of fun for the littler ones as they are easy hikes

This is an up and down hike to a viewpoint over Kings Canyon. It took 2 hours with stops to photograph wildflowers. The trail has some overgrown brush but it is easy to follow the trail markers.

This hike is highly recommended. We did it in reverse, heading from Big Meadows to Weaver Lake night one as we got in late. This made day 2 from Weaver Lake to Jennie Lake via JO Pass a decent uphill trek. The back part of the trail is fairly rugged, but well worth the hike. There is plenty of water along the route which was a nice bonus not having to worry about where to fill up. Both lakes tend to be fairly busy camping wise, but are extremely beautiful and worth the effort.

My husband and I did the loop starting from big meadows trailhead heading to Jennie lake it was 7.4 miles. Poop out pass was a "B" but we made it!!! I think Jo Pass is just as hard tho. Be careful on poop out pass that you don't loose your way on the granite, if you do it's hard to find your bearings. Unless of course you are frequently checking this awesome app.
So from Jennie lake to Weaver lake it was 9.8 miles for us, maybe due to where we had camped and going round all the downed trees. There were about 3 or 4 nice streams along the way so plenty of places to get water. My fav was at the bottom of Jo Pass the water was so cold and refreshing.
The last trek from Weaver lake back to Big Meadows trailhead was 3.5 miles easy peesy!!!
The water at both lakes were warm and clean. Weaver lake was more crowded with family day hikers. Jennie lake was larger and our favorite although all the backpackers seemed to want to plant themselves right at the first area for camping but if you go around all the way to the right past the peninsula there are loads of other campsites. We will definitely go back further next time due to lack of privacy when needed to go to the bathroom.
Great hike we will be back to Jennie lake again!!

Hiked in for the night out of big meadows. It turned out to be around 9 miles one way. The lake was absolutely beautiful! Crystal clear water. I would recommend this hike to anyone. Moderately difficult with a light pack, mainly because of distance.

Hiked this trail as part of a weekend hike from the entrance to the Jennie Lakes Wilderness to Mitchell Peak, and if you enjoy arduous hikes then you'll love this one. So scenic and challenging!

Gorgeous views. Remote. Awesome wildlife, tiny frogs, coyote packs yipping at 3 a.m. and a marmot family. Amazing sunsets. It doesn't get any better. A ton of up and down. Poop out pass is well named. Great hike. Will do it again.

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It was An amazing hike ! Definitely wouldn't recommend it to someone who hasn't been backpacking before . Elevation is crazy, it's about 9000 feet I believe , but man the view is amazing ! Be careful, we did get lost at one point because you have to backtrack at one point in the trail to do the loop. Other then that , it was awesome !!

Going out there this weekend. Is there an basecamp ground along the 14S11 road ? or 14S16 ?

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