6 months ago

It was An amazing hike ! Definitely wouldn't recommend it to someone who hasn't been backpacking before . Elevation is crazy, it's about 9000 feet I believe , but man the view is amazing ! Be careful, we did get lost at one point because you have to backtrack at one point in the trail to do the loop. Other then that , it was awesome !!

on Jennie Lakes Trail

8 months ago

Beautiful but not "easy." Be weary of slippery spots and steep inclines.

2 years ago

Going out there this weekend. Is there an basecamp ground along the 14S11 road ? or 14S16 ?

The trail is rated as easy but far from it! The hiking book I have rated it as a 3 out of 10 on difficulty. If that was a 3, I would hate to find out what a 10 is. 6 miles felt more like 9-10. On the bright side, the scenery was nice with some great views. The lake was beautiful but crowded. If your up for a challenge, this is a good one. It will test your stamina on the uphill and your feet on downhill.