Great loop. Mid->Hard level. Latter half of the loop is all hills. 6.2 miles in 2 hrs 20 mins. Recommend in morning or late afternoon - as the isn't a lot of shade.

1 month ago

went for a hike a couple weeks ago on a beautiful morning before it got too warm. nice easy trails (until you got to the hills...I don't like hills...).

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2 months ago

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4 months ago

5 months ago

This is a great trail for a day hike. You can start and stop/turn-around at many different places along the way. I started near Tijeras Creek GC and turned around at the O'neil Park boundary. There are many places to stop along the creek and explore. My total hike was 6 miles.

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8 months ago

Nice and varied trail. Lots of nice short climbs punctuated by rapid descents. Mix of single track and fireroad and you can really go as long as you want.

Fantastic training route, particularly if you are starting back in after a period of inactivity.

Park at Cox Sports Park and drop right in!

10 months ago