Completed the entire trail but at times the trail let us to different roads. The trail signs are not visible or perhaps aren’t there at all. Trail is a 15.5 distance but we ended up doing 18.5 in hike. It was a great trail in spite of everything else.

This is a beautiful spot but hiking here is beyond difficult and not because of distance or terrain. This place is a mesh work of unmarked, cris-crossing trails. If I hadn’t had my GPS I fear that I might not have found my way back to the trailhead. You can walk the road but the logging trucks are frequent and they slow down for nothing and no one. Golden chanterelle mushrooms were plentiful. I don’t know if it is legal to harvest the so I left them.

We were going to hike the double loop and luckily decided to cut the hike in half by taking the Forest History Trail ( blue trails on the map). We still walked about 15 miles on the loop trail. A significant portion of the trail is service road and not very pretty. But the Forest History Trail and adjacent trail are beautiful wooded trails. Caution - bring a GPS or if you are using your phone to navigate bring extra charger. The trail is not at all well marked and we had to use our phones to navigate. Great exercise but not always beautiful.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I have been to this waterfall numerous times. I love the location however, the waterfall itself is not awe inspiring and the trail is steep and slippery. Plus you should know that this trail would be difficult for young children (-5). FYI
-The waterfall is a stream of water that has more volume in the winter months (Dec - April). This stream of water cascades over what looks to be a giant (and I mean giant!) black boulder. The structure of the waterfall is amazing, its just that the amount of water flow can be disappointing.
-The Location is amazing! Another post states that the location is "other-worldly" and I couldn't agree more! It looks like you have stepped into a movie. Beautiful redwood trees live and extremely tall along with some fallen redwoods that can be climbed on and experienced horizontally. There are also some beautiful clearings if you venture past the waterfall.

Overall I gave the trail 3 stars for the accessibility and the amount of water flow. The hike is also pretty short, and can be challenging on the way back.

Monday, December 10, 2012

It is a very short walk but it is steep and can be slippery. The falls is beautiful this time of year--not large but between the ferns and redwoods the setting is other-worldly.

To enjoy the redwoods go well beyond the falls and follow the trail for another 1/4 to 1/2 mile.

It is something to see but if you are looking for a good hike go somewhere else. It is primarily a nature walk and a photo opportunity. I rate it 3 because it is so short.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

pretty sure u can sleep here and not get harassed for 24hrs, koa up the road towards Willits, if thats your sort of thing

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