Amazing trail! Very steep and exposed but well worth the effort. The water crossing was a little scary with high levels right now but it’s doable. We took a detour out to the meadow before we hiked up to the lake and back down. Great hike!

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washed out
8 days ago

Attempted May 25 2020. First off, this is one eye opening hike! every step of the way is something beautiful to see; gem lake is for sure my favorite. Unfortunately i was not able to complete the loop, or even reach the john muir intersection, as the last stream crossing is absolutely impassable right now; due to high current and huge snow banks on every place you could try to cross. In addition, about half of the trail between gem and waugh lakes is completely buried under snow, mud, and water. Very difficult to find the trail, and alltrails will constantly point you offtrail for some reason. All that said, if you want to do an out and back to waugh, this is a great trail with 3 major stream crossings, a few awesome waterfalls, bridges over rushing streams, and some great views of the lakes and surrounding mountains. definitely a close second to big pine lake for my favorite sierra hike:)

Hardly any snow up to Mildred. Convict creek flowing pretty heavy and has a small crossing right now. The trail from Mildred to Dorothy had knee deep snow but was worth the views. Go earlier than later as it gets hot back here. 5/25/2020

If you’re looking for a modest, morning workout, this trail is a great choice. The views were spectacular, and the climb was very moderate with many flat-points to catch your breath. We’re staying up near Mammoth Lakes on Forest Service land this weekend, and found this hike via All Trails during our drive around June Lake yesterday. This was our first time to June Lake, and when we saw the Horsetail Falls yesterday, we knew we wanted to get up early and see them for ourselves. We arrived early to the trailhead; you’ll want to because of the heat. Coming from the south on Highway 395, you’ll turn left at the sign for June Lake Junction. Follow June Lake Loop Road until you see Silver Lake on your right. You’ll loop around past Silver Lake Resort, and the trailhead will begin on your left, across the street from Silver Lake Campground. Parking is free. I started my Garmin at the parking lot and logged 6.2 miles round-trip. This is an out-and-back trail, and the All Trails app said the hike would be 4.2, but it was certainly a bit longer to get to Agnew Lake. This could be due to where we began the trail? Although we followed the map pretty accurately, and still logged more miles. The hike begins (Google Maps labeled it Gem Lake Trail) easily venturing through some shrubland and quickly turns to small aspen trees, crossing over a couple of creeks. You then start your ascent along the side of the mountain with June Lake Loop Road visible below you. Views are incredible, and there are a few places to stop along the way near Bristlecone Pines hanging on the mountainside. About ¾ of the way up, you’ll cross over a cable car railroad, which is pretty neat (I wish I knew more about it!), and after a few switchbacks, you’ll cross over them a couple more times. Views of Horsetail Falls are visible from these switchbacks, although you cannot walk up next to them. Enjoy the views on the way up because we didn’t find Agnew Lake anything special. There is a lot of mining material left over, and the lake was very low for this time of year. There was a sign that said, “Agnew Lake access”, which led us to a small stream coming from Agnew Lake, but nothing much to see. We then traced our steps back to keep hiking up the trail towards Gem Lake, when we reached a Bristlecone Pine with a sign for “Agnew Lake - Elevation 8,508 - Inyo National Forest”. We called this our destination, as the lake didn’t seem appealing enough for us to hike further towards. Here we had some trail mix and a beer in the shade, and then made our way back down! The views on the way down didn't disappoint once again. A little chossy at points, but overall an easy descent. I would rate this hike to Lake Agnew as a 3.5/5. The views on the way up and down are worth it, but be prepared for a little disappointment when you reach the lake. See more on

Perfect time for this hike

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9 days ago

Awesome trail!!

Roadways and trails are closed. Rated only so that I may post this info. Still on my bucket list!

Nice loop trail... no surprises to worry about throughout. Snow was melting so the creek waters were flowing into lake so beautifully! Took the kids ages 7-17 and it was a breeze for them.

Hey @Nico O. how long roundtrip did the hike take you to finish? How was the weather out there as well?

11 days ago

Absolutely breathtaking. Hiked this past weekend. Road to Whitney Portal was closed so we hiked the road; making the overall hike about 12miles. Hiking up the road and then trail makes it a strenuous hike - I enjoy a good challenge. Encountered very few people on the trail. Lake it worth it. Highly recommended.

12 days ago

Saddlebag Lake Rd is closed to vehicles. You can walk to the lake from the gate closure (5 miles-ish RT.) the trail around the lake is still covered with snow. May 21, 2020

@ Jennifer B. Heard Whitney Portal Road was closed, may I ask how you got up to the trail head?

Challenging but extremely satisfying hike. Worth every second because of the beautiful scenery. We didn’t make it to Dorothy, wish we had. We made it to Mildred. Had we known Dorothy was right around the corner, we would have pushed forward. We only encountered two other hikers when we were there, October 2019. Would recommended that you don’t do it alone. It’s a very hard trail for beginners.

13 days ago

Started the trail from the pine city trailhead off Lake Mary Road. Only a few snow patches too cross. May 17th 2020

This was amazing. Can’t wait to do it again.

Such a beautiful hike!!

The road leading to the starting point of the trail was close which lead us to hike an extra 45min to reach the starting point of the hike. There was still a lot of snow on the trail which lead us to stop at long lake as we did not have the proper gear. Over all this was a beautiful hike which was fairly easy. I could have given 5 starts if the condition had been better.

Beautiful waterfalls, great workout! Gem lake is a gem! A couple minor snow crossings but nothing major

Did it today & due to the COVID circumstances, downtown is not groomed and has MANY obstacles. Not enjoyable. Giving it a 4 star as these are not normal circumstances, just trying to share awareness

Trail in great shape. Beautiful views

Easy 2.5 mile loop around the lake. Several places to pull off the trail to sit by the lake. One small water crossing but there are logs you can cross over. We walked around twice to get a longer walk.

amazing hike with wife and dog. waterfalls were rushing hard. great 2.5 mile hike up. not too strenuous but a good burn. the views are breathtaking. good work out for our dog.

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