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Great easy hike, absolutely beautiful lake, bridge was washed out but made for a great reason to splash in the cool water on a summers day!

2 days ago

Love this trail. The altitude was trying to keep me away but I went really slow and drank lots of water and man was it worth it. Incredible and named appropriately this lake is. Beautiful redwoods and gorgeous views of Lake George and Lake Mary and of course Crystal Lake. You find a sign for Mammoth Crest Trail once you've just about reached the top of the climb to Crystal Lake. Small decent to the lake note: it may be easy for some people to lose the trail here especially if the altitude is effecting you poorly... so watch your step.

on Parker Lake Trail

2 days ago

This hike has several factors that make it a (5) star hike: Incredible vistas, beautiful natural features and a great payoff at the end. It was approximately 3.5 miles to Parker Lake, so it is approximately 7 miles round-trip.

I would describe this hike as very accessible and it is appropriate for a variety of ages / fitness levels; That said, the only negative is that the hike is well-traversed, so expect to see lots of people on the trail. Despite the amount of people who visit, the trail is surprisingly clean!

Have fun!

Hiked this with my family. Beautiful creek in the Aspen Trees on the way up. Stunning view of the Parker Lake and waterfalls above. Awesome view of Mono Lake on the way back down. Would love to visit again.

Tough, beautiful, well kept trail . Very scenic. Ran into several parties that were mid - PCT or beginning a portion of the PCT with interesting tales to tell. Can't wait to return with my family.

Great vistas. Gorgeous sky, lakes, running streams. Perfect half day hike (we went on up to Morgan pass).

4 days ago

One of my favorite easy pleasant hikes in the Sierra Nevada.

An spectacular trail with beautiful views of lakes, forest, cascades and moderately trafficked.

Did the hike around the lake this past September. Very easy trail as it really gains nor loses any elevation at all. We went counterclockwise. Great views to the west at North Peak and Mt. Conness when you're on the eastern shoreline. A good starting point to do some hiking beyond into the back country too. On the walk back on the west shore you can see Mt. Dana in the distance. Great little day hike with awesome views all around.

4 days ago

4 days ago

fly fishing
5 days ago

Hiked this trail in summer of 2013. Steep 4 mile hike in but well worth it. We camped at lake #2 and fished mostly in lake #3. Caught a bunch of fish in each lake we tried. Campsites were nice and we only saw one other person at lake #3. Beautiful views of the valley at lake #2.