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6 hours ago

6 hours ago

Beautiful hike. Completed on 7/18/17, no issues with snow. The trail goes gradually uphill until you reach the lakes. There is not made shade. Bring sunscreen and bug spray. It's totally worth it.

6 hours ago

9 hours ago

The water crossings were manageable, and the mosquitoes were out in force in the lower portions as well as some of the upper forested portions where patches of snow were present. Found a nice place for a picnic on a granite ledge overlooking Sabrina. The views are incredible. The one mistake we made was doing this hike the same day we drove up from OC... the altitude and our road fatigue definitely made it more challenging, but not in a good way. Overall a great trail and the sight of Blue Lake was a nice reward. Will do it again

The first day hiking with a 25lb pack was challenging.
Great views

Awesome hike but the trail was poorly marked in areas. I'm an amateur but thought this was an amazing end to a challenging day.

I did it in the month of July and it was the perfect time to go. It was challenging but the views made the experience great. It is uphill the entire way, and after the waterfall it gets even harder. Near the end I was questioning how much farther the lake was and I almost turned back, but then I came across it. It is a beautiful lake right in the middle of the mountains, and the hike up to it was worth it. I took my dogs with me, and they were both very tired at the end of the hike.

camped at the Trail camp and Summited on 7.17.17. We went using the chute and I would recommend to use ice axe and crampons. Mircrospikes can also be use but I rather recommended to be safe than sorry.

Switchbacks are almost clear of snow.

Few snows above the trail as you get closer to Trail camp, microspikes/crampons will be helpful.
I would also recommend to bring water shoes on some water crossing and extra pair of sock to change due to water crossing or from snow (as you go up it gets colder, you don't want freezing toes).

It showered on and off but mostly sunny, heavy wind at night at the trail camp. Other than that its a great and strenuous hike, and great scenery!

ADVICE: make sure to be careful & be prepared, be aware of elevation sickness, NEVER to go alone AND know your map.
DO NOT FORGET TO BRING BUGS SPRAY! mosquitos are vivious! lol

ENJOY the hike!

This is not an easy trail, but the payoff makes it worth it. The lake is full and the views are awesome.

The trail is almost impossible to follow, but with the help of Alltrails offline map, we found the lake. The snow covers parts of the trail near the top. This is a short trail, but you are climbing over a 9700 foot ridge, so it is not an easy hike ... but the views are worth the effort. This is one beautiful little lake.

So many beautiful lakes, streams, meadows, and wildflowers that you start to become desensitized to them. This is only a five-star hike if you go all the way to the last (and best) Gem Lake, which requires some off trail excursions across snow and overflowing creeks. We definitely needed GPS for the last half-mile. The hike is easy and therefore a bit overcrowded for the first two miles from the parking lot. Make sure you bring LOTS of bug repellent if you start early. The mosquitoes were more manageable when we returned at 11am.

3 days ago

Pretty hike! Some snow was covering some of the trail- so we just winged it. Not that hard of a hike... our dog loved the snow and water...

3 days ago

Fish were biting when I was there.