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Our permit is for June 21st, Text 6267120941 if you want to hike up together.

My permit for Mount Whitney via Mount Whitney Trail is for June 19th, 2017. Text me 989-980-1775 if you want to hike this together.. Matt

9 days ago

Beautiful trail in Mammoth. We backpacked in on a weekend so the trails were pretty crowded up until Barney lake. Then the ascent up the crest over to Duck Lake was pretty empty. There were only 3 other groups at the lake for the weekend so it felt like you almost had it all to yourself. Water was freezing even that late in the season, but amazing view of the Ansel Adams Wilderness can be found at the dam side of Duck Lake.

Can others clarify - is this hike hikeable at this time of year already? Are the trails clear?

My wife and I did this hike as our warm up for another back country trip. It's a nice hike and does have some elevation gain to it. But it's not a long hike so it doesn't wear on you. Both lakes are very scenic and we saw a few guys fishing the lower lake. You do have to park at North Lakes parking area and then hoof it to the trailhead. No big deal. Nice easy jaunt if you're looking for something that won't have you dragging your feet by the time you get back to your car :)

off road driving
29 days ago

We went on Dualsport motorcycles, pretty easy most of the way. Beautiful clear skies that day. It's not listed here, but check out the trail to McGee Mountain, Mt Morrison Rd off 395. That was hairy, steep, lots of switchbacks on the way up. Beautiful view of the valley from the top. I'd rather been on 4 wheels than 2 that day. You Jeep people would love it !

This was a really fun trail on our Dualsport motorcycles. I'm not terribly experienced but it was pretty easy, even the water crossings. You can go all the way to The Bristlecone Pine Forest.

1 month ago

Came out here one weekend one full day hike from 9AM to 5PM. This hike is definitely not for beginners, be prepared to walk quite a bit before the lakes. however, you will see a lot of great scenery before you get to the lakes. we started at the cabins to the lakes and let me tell you, by far the most beautiful views I have ever seen.

we are regular hikers, but this definetly gave us a work out. we do stop a lot and enjoy the scenery more than most though, so that may have affected us a bit. but we'll worth the pain.

moderate to hard level hiking depending on your hiking ability and how you handle altitude.

1 month ago

I did this stretch in mid June of 15'. We did go further though. The hike from South Lake to where the switchbacks start up to Bishop pass is actually pretty moderate. Follows the lakes and isn't super steep. But the switches up to the pass are. Encountered a few drifts of snow in the upper sections but nothing bad. Over the pass and camped in Dusy Basin the first night. Then down to the bottom of Le Conte Canyon the next day and up river to Big Pete's meadow for the next night. The third day was up to Muir Pass, and it was a slog. Mileage wise it didn't seem like much, but walking wise it did. Just one of those days I suppose. Went down to Wanda Lake to spend our 3rd night. This was to be a loop hike as well but didn't pan out that way. We went as far as McClure meadow, which is absolutely beautiful. Evolution Basin is awesome too. Evolution creek thru McClure meadow is something to see. One of the most scenic stretches of the PCT/JMT.

The road out of Bishop area is called Silver Canyon you will cross a creek minimum of 4 times depending on time of year with a water depth up to 2 feet, it is steep with lots of switch backs all the way to the top on to Bristleconepine road. At certain points the inclimb is more then 20% High clearance 4×4 only, so no Subaru
Do not attempt this road when you encounter snow, the chance of sliding off the mountain is very high.

Easy hike with a great view

this is an amazing trail. I have hiked it 4 times now going all the way to genneive.

This can be Day hike or a short easy backpacking trip. it's pretty easy just keep in mind that you start at over 10,000'. you will see several lakes all have fish so bring you fishing rods.

2 months ago