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4 days ago

I've done a lot of backpacking throughout the years and this hike is on top of my list for most scenic and was not that difficult to get to. Definitely highly recommended.

Attempted this trail on April 22, 2017, and there was still heavy snow starting just before Lone Pine Lake. I would highly recommend bringing skis with you for going down the main trail. My husband and I had an ice axe, crampons, and snow shoes and found the descent very challenging.

6 days ago

Really enjoyed it....spent a night there with some friends. Small fish in the lake, a few small waterfalls on the way up. Very uncrowded at the time....ran into only a couple of other packers.

Great hike. Be sure to acclimate to the altitude, especially if you live in a low altitude area. Lone Pine Lake is a good hike to acclimate.

Question. Thinking of climbing in June or September and wanted to know nearest airport to fly into?

14 days ago

Nice winter trail, bring snowshoe / skis

21 days ago

Short but beautiful trail. I haven't went on a bad hike in this area at all. Caught a beautiful sunrise.

This is a great hike. First half is all up, but you can do it. Just take an extra break or two. We stayed the night near upper Lamark lake in fall. No one was in the area but us. It was great. The lakes are so blue and clear.

If you make it back here you know what's up! Except for those dang cheating pack train people.

Best place to spend a few nights in the summer. Great fishing and access to a glacier!!! Amazing

This is going to sound very elementary, but bring food if you hike this. We grossly underestimated how much to bring, and forced our way to the top anyway.

Or if you're into extreme weight loss tactics, I lost 15 lbs in a single day summiting Mt. Whitney! Best birthday ever.

Our permit for 2 is for June 21st, Text 6267120941 if you have a permit for the 21st too and want to hike up together as a group.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail in Mammoth. We backpacked in on a weekend so the trails were pretty crowded up until Barney lake. Then the ascent up the crest over to Duck Lake was pretty empty. There were only 3 other groups at the lake for the weekend so it felt like you almost had it all to yourself. Water was freezing even that late in the season, but amazing view of the Ansel Adams Wilderness can be found at the dam side of Duck Lake.

Can others clarify - is this hike hikeable at this time of year already? Are the trails clear?

My wife and I did this hike as our warm up for another back country trip. It's a nice hike and does have some elevation gain to it. But it's not a long hike so it doesn't wear on you. Both lakes are very scenic and we saw a few guys fishing the lower lake. You do have to park at North Lakes parking area and then hoof it to the trailhead. No big deal. Nice easy jaunt if you're looking for something that won't have you dragging your feet by the time you get back to your car :)