It's more desolate than the west side of the valley, so not as beautiful IMO, but still a nice hike. Signage started out great, then not so good anymore. Fortunately, it's in an old riverbed much of the way, so it's hard to go too wrong. Wanted to hike on the rim trail, but wasn't sure whether it would take me to Pushwalla Palms (it does, I'm told). When I continued out from Pushwalla Palms, I got quite turned around. (In the words of Daniel Boone, "I've never been lost, but I've been a might bewildered a few times.) Made it back to the Palms okay, but I was a bit concerned, because I usually have a very good sense of direction. All in all, I had a fine time.

Great hike. Stretch of trail along the ridge is quite exciting.

We enjoyed the unexpected sites we experienced on this hike. only a few minutes away from my in-laws house, we thought we'd feel like we were hiking through their backyard. it was a pleasant surprise to hear absolutely nothing just a few steps into the hike. Just 30 minutes into our adventure at 2:30 in the afternoon, we heard a pack of howling coyotes. You start the hike in the bottom of a dry riverbed which I believe is part of the San Andreas fault. You can choose to continue on the valley floor or go up a ridge line. We went up. Challenging incline for just a bit but obviously worth the climb. Views of Coachella Valley on one side, faultline, Palms, oasis, mountains and silence on the other. Will definitely do this again!

Good hike. Beautiful views on the upper trail. Interesting rusted truck frame in the wash heading down into the Pushwalla Grove. More water there than I expected. The upper trail on the ridge is strenuous to some degree, but the 360° views are outstanding.
The turnaround and return hike is much easier, as you pass Horseshoe Palms.
Worth the time. Take water. Enjoy

great trail. I am a local. definitely one of the better treks in valley...

The trail was well marked the first 1.5miles if you are going clockwise. After that it’s poorly marked and not well traveled in some areas because you are running/hiking in a dried riverbed. All of the ridge running is well traveled and easy to follow and the palms’ untouched beauty is a pretty special sight.

Well marked trail with many view points. Great views of a good sized Palm grove

Fun trail. Great views. I took this trail years ago and they’ve made some good changes.

super beautiful, great view of the desert area just south of the park, palm springs, mountains, etc.

I enjoyed the hike. I made my own trail at times as I got distracted with critters or the view. In the beginning it's not well defined for the trail but the higher you get the trail is oblivious all the way to Inspiration point. So comfortable morning at 86 degrees - I'll take that any day.

Even on a hazy day, the view is amazing. Fun information placards up top.

There was so much haze there wasn't much to see. Per the signs due to pollution that's the norm. It says handicap accessible but it's a very steep incline both up and down so you'd want help. It is a cement sidewalk. Very windy and rather chilly. You want a windbreaker.

Not difficult. Can be a little dusty. You can park at trailhead which is a little before the visitor center. Trail is well marked and views from top of the hill are nice.

Fun hike. Moderate w a bit of incline. Tons of beautiful wildflowers out!

Pretty steep climb to start but worth it! The path is very well groomed and marked - OUTSTANDING views. The desert is in bloom, bursting with the smells and beauty of various yellow, white, purple & green. Even the odd Barrel Cactus has pretty flowers extended. HIGHLY recommended but take lots of water - shade is hard to find in the AM past noon.

Great weather when we went and we went through so many different sections of different flowers. It was even fun to off-road it and not have to worry about getting too lost. Would definitely do it again!

We started hiking at 6:30am and reached the Palm Oasis at a perfect time in great soft morning light. It was so quiet and we enjoyed listening to the chirping of the birds.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Great hike. Awesome views. We were the only ones on a Saturday morning. My 8yr old and 11yr old had no problem with this hike and we enjoyed it very much.

We followed signs to Pushwalla Palms up along the mountain ridge. Not recommended for anybody scared of heights. Once we got down in the Pushwalla Palms Oasis we followed the river down towards Washington St. We ended up a little lost trying to get back up to the trails. My husband didn't really want to go uphill again but I think that's where we went wrong. If you follow my path I think we should have stayed on the outside of the hills and followed it around until we saw the Hidden Palms Oasis. Glad it was an overcast day since we didn't bring water and it ended up being longer then I thought. Lots of breathtaking scenery.

great hike here today. We got a late start -almost 2:45pm but were back at the car by 5:15. Starts to get cold with out the sun and the ridge was blocking it on the backside of the loop.

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