This was an absolute oversight on my part, but I wouldn't recommend going during the summer as there is no water at the waterfall! Definitely would recommend this trail for an easy hike with a small pup. He loved it.

Great for a short hike or not enough time for a longer hike.

2 months ago

I'm sure this spot is great after it's been raining, but there was nothing special about this trail. It was all dry & no waterfall. I don't like hiking places unless theirs water so I was disappointed.

No waterfall in July. Only for two weeks after it stops raining, said some helpful locals.

3 months ago

Beautiful walk. Mostly uphill on the way in, but not steep. It's dry right now so the waterfall is more of a trickle. Lots of mosquitoes. We stopped at the waterfall to take pics for about 5 min and I got bit 4 times. Will definitely go again.

4 months ago

I drove all the way out here to find out it was on campus and I'd have to pay for parking. I like to hike because it's free. I just wish it had been mentioned in the description before I hoofed it up here without money. :(