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Good hike. Great for family time and adventure.

5 months ago

This was an absolute oversight on my part, but I wouldn't recommend going during the summer as there is no water at the waterfall! Definitely would recommend this trail for an easy hike with a small pup. He loved it.

Great for a short hike or not enough time for a longer hike.

6 months ago

I'm sure this spot is great after it's been raining, but there was nothing special about this trail. It was all dry & no waterfall. I don't like hiking places unless theirs water so I was disappointed.

No waterfall in July. Only for two weeks after it stops raining, said some helpful locals.

Beautiful walk. Mostly uphill on the way in, but not steep. It's dry right now so the waterfall is more of a trickle. Lots of mosquitoes. We stopped at the waterfall to take pics for about 5 min and I got bit 4 times. Will definitely go again.

I drove all the way out here to find out it was on campus and I'd have to pay for parking. I like to hike because it's free. I just wish it had been mentioned in the description before I hoofed it up here without money. :(

What amazing hike. It was beautiful, challenging and completely worth it!! Highly recommended.

Great family hike, especially when you have young kids!

Beautiful hike to an adorable waterfall! This is a short, but sweet hike with beautiful greenery and streams throughout the hike. Dog friendly and very well maintained.

Perfect hike for families. Our two year old can walk this hike almost entirely on her own. The waterfall and creek are fun. Best in the spring time. First part of the hike in has no tree cover and is unpleasantly hot if you go in the summer/early fall.

Fun loop hike!

SO pretty, up high looking out and in the woods! The negatives at this time of year are the mud and the THICK poison oak that encroaches onto the trails. Even on leash, the dogs had to have baths after a walk there.

it was a great walk with the dogs and kids after all the rain

Gorgeous trail that follows a small stream. Lots of little lizards sunbathing on the rocks that scatter when you walk by. Moderate obstacles to cross the river in two places, but not terribly difficult. Very rewarding waterfall at the end in a cool and tree-covered space. Saw a few others on the trail, but never felt crowded. Would hike again!

it's a great short hike for families

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Great hike! Lots of creek crossing which keeps the kids interested.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Decently short trail that's mostly just walking. There's a slight incline to the hike that crosses the river twice, once right at the beginning and one near the waterfall. If you want the easy cross, bring some waterproof boots; otherwise the crossing can be tricky, especially for older or less mobile individuals. The waterfall at the end is a nice treat but at least on the day we visited there were quite a few people along the trail.

Distance: Easy
Elevation: Easy
Technical: Easy-Medium
Crowd: Moderate

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Really easy hike with an amazing path.

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