12 hours ago

Easy and beautiful trail!

Got an early start to beat the heat and people. Started the trail at 07:30 and it was perfect. 59 degrees and practically had the trail to myself for the whole first leg which took me about an hour. On the way back definitely saw more folks but still not bad. 81 degrees, so getting warmer. Finished the whole trail in 2 hours. Saw lupine, giant paintbrush, western azaela's which smelled amazing. The only negative was it was quite buggy. Enough to become annoying as the morning heated up. But all in all I really enjoyed it and it was nice to be able to bring my canine companion. I'm a bit frustrated in general with the limited trails you can take your dog in this state.

Did this hike since we didn't get a permit for Devils Bridge. It was a good length there and back, little to no incline most of the way, but a little anticlimactic since the side we ended up on was just a neighborhood road. Nicely shaded though throughout, which was a huge plus for a 90 degree day!

Perfect for an afternoon solo jaunt

29 days ago

excellent beginner trail.you can take your dogs and it's a kid friendly hike.not bad at all.

This is a great trail for beginners, families and folks that don't typically get out. You follow the trail out and back so navigating is easy. Elevation gain is minimal so even someone that doesn't usually exercise should be able to get through it and get a taste for the outdoors.

We took the Hillside, Nature and Perimeter trails. The vistas were gorgeous. There were other people there, but it was not crowded. My husband is in excellent physical condition (ultra marathoner) and he enjoyed working muscles that he doesn't usually use but he was hardly winded. I, on the other hand, am just getting into shape and it was a good workout for me. The Summit trail is rated as hard so we will do that when I am ready. Some of the parts of the trail are well shaded while others get direct sun. There is a stream with flowing water (maybe not by the end of the summer) and at the top, a view of Lake Hemet in the distance. We will definitely be back.