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6 days ago

The road into Dog Valley really doesn't have the breath taking views. It does have a sign at the begging that tells of the costs associated with one of the forest fires. It is somewhat interesting. I chose to make a loop out of this trail that did end up with a bunch of great views of Truckee and Reno. Had a great time until my GPS locked up. Even then really enjoyed the flowers. The trail at the bottom of the loop disappeared and I ended up heading off cross country for about 200 yards. Had a great time, despite the weather!

The main trail was a pretty easy dirt road but we found some more difficult and super amazing trails that branched off. Main road is super easy for beginners but if you explore some of the unmapped areas you can find difficult routes and amazing spots.

1 month ago

This is actually a dirt/gravel road open to vehicles, not a hiking trail. Still, Henness Pass (the turnaround spot) has some beautiful views over the valley below. There are also plenty of side roads (some open to vehicles, some not) if you want to do more exploration

Was recommended by someone to go here for snowshoeing we couldn’t find the trail due to all the snow.

4 months ago

(Verdi to Summit 1) is a great "I have to get out of here" drive to forest and mountains. Good mountain biking in Dog Valley. Once to Summit one its plenty to hike, ride and enjoy. Road can be treacherous and blow outs are common. Go prepared. The mud hole at the parking area had pallets burned over it so it has nails and staples in the mud.

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4 months ago

I've been driving up here for years. Don't forget to climb up to the cemetery. After you pass the "hotel" that us half buried you come to a small "barn." Look up the hill to the south. It's a 4Lo kind of climb but well worth it.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A deceptively hard hike with big elevation gain, worth it with such a beautiful clear lake at the end.
More small lakes are beyond and the center peak can be seen from 395. Had snow in September, one of my favorite hikes of all time.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Really neat place, it's a little spread out so make sure you continue to the hilltop where you can see the old cemetery and unmarked graves. We found old soda cans and debris left along with tools and such. Worth the effort to get there.
Our side by side broke down and my Kia Sorento was able to drive to the location following quads as my lookout. It took about 30 min to arrive from road so bring snacks and water

Ummmm Wow. Loved it. Especially loved that Parking and complete land/Trail Access was included with the price of our Dip in the Hot Spring Tub. Arrive early. Stay Late. Make it a full day trip. Pack a lunch and maybe dinner. I didn't wanna leave.

Supper Dupper Trail ! Moderate Hike and at the base of the parking lot there is a Hot Spring Pool so bring a swimsuit. The hike features waterfall and lake...but i didnt go that far...just yet:(

off road driving
Sunday, January 08, 2012

Great old ghost towin in the trees

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29 days ago

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