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Humboldt Redwoods State Park, located 45 miles south of Eureka and 20 miles north of Garberville off of Highway 101, encompasses nearly 53,000 acres, of which over 17,000 are untouched old growth coast redwoods. Created in 1921 with the small Bolling Memorial Grove the park has grown over the years to include a diverse ecosystem including the entire Bull Creek watershed and the Rockefeller Forest, the largest remaining old growth redwood forest in the world. This is the third largest California State Park and protects an environment unique to anywhere else on earth. A wide variety of activities and facilities are available. There are over 250 family campsites in three different campgrounds, plus environmental camps, group camps, trail camps, and a horse camp. Over 100 miles of trail await exploration by hikers, bikers, and horse riders. The South Fork Eel River provides fishing, boating, and swimming opportunities, and there are many day use areas for picnicking, family activities, or for just enjoying the pristine environment. Some favorite locations include the Founders Grove Nature Trail, the 32 mile Avenue of the Giants Auto Tour, and the Humboldt Redwoods Visitor Center. The Visitor Center offers a wide variety of fun and educational exhibits and activities, including a theatre, displays, a bookstore, and the famous Kellogg Travel Log. Auto Tour brochures are available at either end of the Avenue of the Giants and at the Visitor Center. During the summer season interpretive activities including nature walks, Junior Ranger programs, and campfire programs are held daily. Humboldt Redwoods State Park is the location of two marathons that occur within the first three weekends of May and October every year. These marathons close two of the main roads through the park for up to 6 hours. For more information or dates of these events, please call the park.

Any hike among the Redwoods is one to be cherished. These trees truly take your breath away and leave you speaking in hushed voices, if you speak at all. It's great for all ages and abilities. Do not miss this opportunity among the giants

This beats Muir Woods any day! Next to know crowds and you don't have to take a long shuttle-ride to get there. The giant trees hush your footsteps and block out traffic sounds, making it a sanctuary of nature at its finest. There is no more peaceful place than among the giant redwoods.

Did this trail a couple of weeks ago. It was short but very amazing. It looked like a setting for a fairy tale. Loved it!

An easy walk around an old growth. Parking is pretty limited but understandable for a very short trail.

I really enjoyed this hike. We started at Albee Creek Campsite and took a detour along the homestead trail on the way back - a total of nine miles, about five hours. We did have to climb over a tree and cut through vegetation to go around another tree that was fallen. One of the most enchanting forests I've ever been in. Unfortunately, my phone died early in and I didn't get many photos. I also didn't think to bring insect repellant which is definitely needed. I would love to do this again someday and venture out on some of the other trails.

A must do!!!

Well worth the climb

Haaaaawt, mostly in shade but still hot! Worth the climb :) satisfying work out and pretty hike. Loved the burn complex section...

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20 days ago

Beautiful and peaceful away from the road

This is a great place to get out of the car and stretch your legs for a few miles. The redwoods are amazing and the trail is very easy.

Of course you should take this drive! There are many spots to pull over and wander through the redwood groves. The Eel River flows behind the groves and can be accessed by a quick walk through the woods. We spent most of a day driving, stopping, looking, photographing, and hiking. It was well worth it.

Such a beautiful hike. Went wth my four kids. Ages 12,8,6,6. It was long (9miles) but beautiful along the creek. Had one part where you have to climb over a tree but they put in a ladder (kids thought that was awesome). One part of the hike where you climb through a tree. The bridges were in making it easy to pass over the creeks. One tree was down that we had to climb over to continue on the path. In another area a tree was down but someone hung orange strings in trees to show alternate route around the tree. My kids climbed over but the hubby and I went around. Didn't see much wildlife but my kids aren't super quiet. We only passed maybe four hikers on the trail. We had a great time. Bring bug spray as we have had a lot of rain and the bugs were out. Bonus is the creek is still running. Saw such beautiful groves and the hike is not challenging. Mostly flat and shaded.

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