19 days ago

!!ATTENTION!! the default map of Dragon's Back is not up to date. almost half way through the hike, part of it was fenced out. BUT - there is a detour, but you can imagine the inconvenience of having to trek back a few 100 yards just to take the detour. SO - just be aware of that. I would have recorded my version but it was hot and my mobile phone wasn't cooperating with me and I started having panic attacks thinking i was lost. HNGGGGG! I NEEDED AN ADULT!

lots of space for parking. there's actually two separate lots right next to each other. if they're both filled, you can still park outside the park area.

Ok - here's the thing. There's very very very very VERY little shade on this hike. So gloss up on sunblock and cover as needed. I'm pretty tanned to begin with but i think i just got super burnt. AHOOOOO!

I recommend going pretty early if you're thinking of hiking during the late spring to summer season just to beat the heat. There's plenty of inclines and declines but none too drastic. There's lots of branching trails and bike trails so pay attention to where you're heading (map at the trail head - take a picture of it if you don't want to use the alltrails map.

Lots of lizards. they're actually cute. LOL. there were a handful of people while i was on the hike. a few bikers. 1 dirt biker.

Anyway, the hike is straight forward after you head up beaumont ridge. THE ONLY THING WAS THE DETOUR!