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1 month ago

Fun trail for forest views and a moderate workout. With the recent rains, everything along the trail / road is damp, fresh and smells like you're off in the woods (at least until start hearing cars.) The trail as mapped here starts off going down before kicking into moderate gear and it builds from there with a few solid incline spots near the end. There are plenty of other trails around the park as well making it easy to loop this and get a different view on the return. I'm not much of a trail runner but this one seems ideal for it.

Conditions: Damp but not slick. Overall good shape with plenty of markers to keep on the trail and a few restroom / water spots accessible along the route. If you loop the trail, you can save a few hundred feet of climbing vs an out-and-back though I preferred the forest views on the fireroad.

Gain: There's a fair amount of downhill at the start so expect closer to 2k of total elevation climbing out and back (1750' doing the loop to the parking lot.)

very beautiful and peaceful but a steady uphill climb for close to 2 miles. if I walked it again, I would skip the fire trail and go back the way I came, or at least cut back to the Dean Teail. the fire trail is a very steep, uninteresting route in comparison to the other trails

1 month ago

Great trail! Plenty of shade. Took on this trail during the winter so it was a bit cold. Would love to conquer this trail during the summer. Must be pleasant. Overall: easy trail. Kid friendly.

2 months ago

Another forgotten trail from when i lived close by in HMB.

Note when you come down lonely trail
1: there are two unmarked intersections. Take the right - away from skyline blvd

2: sign saying Miramonte trail is closed due to a mudslide is outdated. There is a mudslide, but very easy to navigate.

Overall very good hike. Shaded all the way.

Nice shaded trail for hot days

$8 entrance.
A lot of picnic tables with grills.
Children playground{small}.
We hiked a 1/4 of the trail {toddler}.
It was mainly shaded with the trees.
All in all, great hike and not busy even on Sat in summer.

Mostly shade / steady incline

We got lost, the signs were unclear, until we finally found dean trail. We understood them by the end and figures out how the loop should have been. Hopefully we do it right next time.

Love this trail, particularly during the week when you barely see a soul. There are some incredible Redwood sections here. $6 to enter and park in the actual park, restrooms and water available.

$6 fee to get into the San Mateo County Part - Huddart Park. Trail is uneventful. Nice up and back. It does not have views (at least not that we got to). And bikes are not allowed on the trail but are allowed in the picnic area in the park, on paved roads. It's a nice walk.

The ranger suggested that driving a little farther away from 280 to either Corte de Madera (a mid peninsula park) or Phleiger Estate (GGNRA) would lead to some better trails.

Gentle ascents and declines through a mixed redwood and madrone canopy. Absolutely beautiful. Shade the entire way. I went on a weekday and it was serene; no people. The hardest part is finding the parking area off 35. It's not really a parking area as it is a slightly wider shoulder of the road with room for 3 cars.

This hike was really intense I think it is actually a moderate trail not easy at all

Great hike, but part of Dean Trail closed off due to mud slide.

The Miramontes trail is closed due to mudslide.

Not dog-friendly but otherwise great.

trail running
10 months ago

Crazy steep in some spots, but lots of fun to run! Absolutely beautiful redwood forest. There were some muddy areas when I ran it because of recent floods and mudslides, but nothing insurmountable. I saw a few fire-bellied newts crossing the path early in the morning. I did not have mobile service at the bottom so I had to call an Uber from the top of the mountain.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Great trail

trail running
Sunday, October 16, 2016

I agree 100% with Olaf. 2hr of nice run !

on Chinquapin Trail

Monday, September 12, 2016

I was a little concerned when I first started the hike. It was not easy to locate the trail head and the trail runs along campsites and a road. However, once I got a little way into the trail it became more secluded. The ascent was steady but not too steep. It got my heart rate up without it being overwhelming. It is a nice shaded trail the whole way. My problem was with the descent. I came to a four way intersection that didn't have any of the trails marked. I was a little frustrated. I selected one and went a little way down it and then checked the GPS. I was following along with a previously posted GPS route. I realized pretty quickly it was the wrong trail. This happened a few times. For this reason I will probably skip this in the future. Parking is $6 however, it is nice to have plenty of it. There are also flush toilets with soap and water so that is a plus.

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