We hiked the trail in March 2017. it was beautiful with natural settings and a number of foot bridges. the weather was wet but it didn't dampen the hike.

We hiked the trail in late December, just after Christmas. It was lovely. If you want to have lunch along the way bring something to sit on. There is a lovely view of the coast at the end with a dramatic rock and crashing surf. Rather than walking back the way we came we walked the coastal road--some very pretty coastal views including the Klamath river estuary.

11 months ago

I was doing another hike across Scenic Dr and came across this. A little trail that goes down to a couple of buildings built during WW2 to watch out for the Japanese ships on the coast. It's interesting the way they're disguised to look like a farm... I'd never heard of this being there... Upgraded to 3 stars simply for the history......

This trail is absolutely one of the best in the area.....top 10 for sure in my book. The trail is 9 miles out and back. The side away from the ocean is the longest part and a hill 2-2 1/2 miles long but not crazy steep, just steady uphill gain, then it crests and goes downward to the ocean. The middle 3.5 to 4 miles of the trail are beautiful old growth redwoods. The beginning is flat and runs along a small lake with plenty of Mallards. At the end you get the awesome ocean views and then you get to go back and do it again..... #271