Great little trail...

Typical hot unshaded Livermore trail. Fine for a short trek with the kids or pets. However, the part shown in red is closed to bikes and equestrians contrary to what the map indicates. There is a wide paved trail (dotted black line) which goes to and from the water storage area at the start/end point.

Ok little trail but created another here that was much better... Been doing way too many bike trails lately. GPS fouled up and drug part of another attempted trail into the track of this one.

Been hiking the valley on week days for 3 weeks. Came up to Livermore and hiked the best trail I've hiked during that time. Short but a little up and down and much better than the first one I did that was onsite here in the park. Try this one first!

Nice hike - a Livermore gem.

Family friendly. Parking lot doesn't give it justice. Definitely want to take bikes

Small and easy trail, good for kids as well.

perfect day for a nice hike.

It was a nice and clean, and I like the fact you have the options. There was the paved path then some that were of the main strip.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Easy trail with great parking. The park seems to be empty most of the time. My family and I headed out right before sunset and had to run a mile back to the car. The ranger was about to lock our car in the lot overnight. Be sure to make it to your car by sunset and not a moment after!

Monday, February 25, 2013

This is a small park on the edge of a housing development but with the feel of rangeland or farmland. The hillsides are very steep. Right now at the end of February, however, they are covered with blue dicks and buttercups. There is also a lot of yarrow and soap weed along the dirt hiking trail, but they are not blooming yet. Very few hikers were present, along with a trail runner or two. The weather was quite windy with a light mist. A paved recreational trail leads into the park, where a dirt hiking trail can be taken on a short loop hike of about three miles around and through the upper section of the park. The dirt trail is in excellent condition.

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