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trail running
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mountain biking
2 months ago

Nice easy walk, shaded and scenic. Mountain bikers are crazy though and don't call out as they fly past. No off leash and few spots to sit. I did enjoy it and it's close to home but not the best dog adventure.

This is a very easy hike. Leave your poles at home and be ready to cross many different streets that connect these paths into a looped trail. The good news is if you run out of water, there's plenty of 711's along the way.

a really easy trail.. I loved it .. my dog not so much. defenetely a great place to train.

Great for training for 5ks if you go from Bastanchury to the lake. 1.5miles there and back if you only take that segment.

great trail. Not too hard but it will get you sweating. I highly recommend this trail for beginners and bikers.

Easy good for beginners still makes u sweat

9 months ago