a city hike, good for dogs, trail is easy

Shitty track, no view except for people's backyards

trail running
1 year ago

trail running
2 years ago

Well kept equestrian/walking path. It essentially just follows the road, so no bog elevation changes or cool nature stuff. However, it is offset from the street (there is an actual sidewalk between the street and trail along most of the route, so you don't feel like you're walking on the street. Also, it creates a nice 5k loop with the Panorama Trail. Park at the lot near the Summit restaurant (State College Blvd) and the trail head is next to the oil pump that's at the corner of Bastanchury and State College. A few feet in, you can either head up the hill and take the Panorama Trail first, eventually hooking back up with the East Coyote Hills Trail at Brea, or use the flatness of this trail to warm up and take Panorama Trail back to the parking lot.

mountain biking
2 years ago

This is essentially a dirt path next to the sidewalk on Brea Blvd. and Bastenchury Rd. More meant as an equestrian path than a hiking trail I'd guess. It's nothing too exciting. You can combine it in a loop with the Fullerton Panorama Trail though to get a little extra bang for your buck.

Easy and fun MTB trail, couple of cool/small bike tracks for the experienced rider

This is definitely just a walk up Bastanchury, although the dirt makes it a nice place to jog

This is definitely not a hiking trail but a walking/jogging trail. I live right next to it and use it regularly. Great for daily running but not for hiking. Also right on a road with heavy traffic. Connects with Fullerton Panorama Trail http://alltrails.com/trail/us/california/fullerton-panorama-trail

Boring trail