Photos of Henry W. Coe State Park Camping Trails

16 days ago

I split the hike in 3 days. First day I hiked from HQ to Los Cruzeros camp by Poverty way and spent the night. I used Poverty way because Narrows had one meter of water to cross after the rain. Plenty of good flowing water at Cruzeros. In the morning my tent was covered with frost. I packed my tent and went up on Willow Ridge trail. where I dried up the tent on the open sunny patch. I was at Mississippi lake campground at 4pm. On my way to Mississippi lake I stopped many times to take photos and enjoy the open space view. Lake is beautiful. Water is plenty but needs treatment or boil before you drink it. Next day I took Heritage trail, Pacheco creek trail with lots of good water, Rat trail back to Willow Ridge trail and spent a night at Los Cruzeros camp. In the morning I took Narrows trail back to China H. and back to H.Q. In all it was a beautiful hike.