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Located in the Puente Hills, and managed by the Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority, Hellman Park offers trails into some of the most beautiful habitat in the area. Hike the trails on either side of the reservoir. Both trails are very aerobic up the mountainside taking you on a loop trail to the ridgeline overlooking Sycamore Canyon, a beautiful view. Along the way you will see a large collection of California brittlebush, a Sunflower family member with large yellow flowers in the spring. On a good day Catalina Island and downtown Los Angeles are observable.

Love this trail. My go to spot. Very challenging cardio workout. Alternate routes for easier climb. Best when the weather is on the cooler side. Great views from the very top. Does not open open until 9am. Bring water and good shoes. Small parking lot is always full. You have to park down the street to avoid getting ticketed but the walk to the trailhead and back is a good warm up and cool down .

A great trail with steep inclines at times but finding parking can be difficult.

Had a great time hiking here. The hike was relatively chill up until last quarter mile to the water tower. There was more than 3 steep hills that came out of nowhere but seeing the view of Whittier afterwards made the hike worth it. The only downside of this hiking trail is that you have to park at least half mile away since parking in the neighborhood requires permit. But overall, it was a great hike.

No parking without permit and also the trail is closed.

Anne rolo and me

Great place to train because it has about 4 incline hills! I love it gets you in shape..

Loved this hike! The flowers are so tall and everything is green. Definitely a hike that puts up a challenge but worth it with the great city and scenic views.

2 months ago

Not sure who decided to call this trail a loop, it is most definitely not. I uploaded a photo of the actual map for reference. The trail is nice, lots of flowers and color. There is a lot of dropping on the trail, most of which were VERY OBVIOUSLY from wild animals and not the so called “negligent dog owners” Little to no parking though, the neighborhood near the trailhead is permit only parking. There’s a small stretch of road to park at the edge of the neighborhood. We parked right in front of this super cute cottage looking house and there were no issues.

2 months ago

Very hard hike! Bring lots of water! Hardly any shade.

3 months ago

This trail is a steady incline out and back, but if you'd like to experience a peaceful canyon, take the Native Oak Loop to the west.

Gorgeous views! Don’t dump!

CLOSED ON 3/21/19! Went today and there was a sign that said closed due to hazards conditions. $1000 fine. Had just gone on 3/12/19 and it was open. Hopefully they open it again soon. Great hike but parking sucks! Only four spots and the rest is permit only.

Awesome trail to hike. Came up the rear side of the water tower and ended up trekking through Rattlesnake Trail.

no shade
4 months ago

Good fast work out, can take kids if your willing to carry them on the way back . Use to take my son with me when he was two years old

Great scenery and allows dogs on a leash...

4 months ago

Nice work out and great view. Graffiti and dog crap kinda ruins it, rangers should patrol more often and ticket people who leave dog crap behind and arrest the scum bags doing the tagging.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Trail was very nice and long. some hills and very nice views. also if you're tired, there are some trails that loop around a couple of the big hills. however, my car got broken into (window smashed) and things stolen, so be careful... there's parking for ~10 or so cars right outside the start of the trail. saw only a few people in 2 hours. 5 star trail and would do again if not for shitty people...

Trail was very nice and long. some hills and very nice views. also if you're tired, there are some trails that loop around a couple of the big hills. however, my car got broken into (window smashed) and things stolen, so be careful... there's parking for ~10 or so cars right outside the start of the trail. saw only a few people in 2 hours.

Sucks there is no parking beautiful scenery but you have to park really far to even get close don’t know why they don’t do parking spaces up there.

5 months ago

Very good

5 months ago

No parking, permit only for at least a 4 block radius. Basically it's limited to those who live nearby or are willing to walk half mile to get there once they park legally. Disappointing to say the least.

Local hike to the water tower with a view of LA.

Nice place to hike! Enjoyed the scenery although not clear due to the all the wildfires! Great workout!

Awesome views of Downtown LA & the SGV!

trail running
8 months ago

Ran it today around 4 pm. Temp. was about 85 but with no humidity to speak of it was pleasant enough. Also, with the sun being rather low there was shade from time to time. FYI, if you do it clockwise, the first 2.5 miles or so is a steady climb.

Great hike for those looking to get into shape or simply get their feet wet in the world of hiking. The trail hits you immediately with an uphill climb but one you finish that the rest of the hills on the trail become child's play. There aren't many shade spots so a visor and sun protection is recommended for those with sensitive skin going in the day. Trail opens at 9 and parking gets filled really fast. I usually park uphill a little past the trail entrance and walk down there's no permit required.

We never got to try the trail because of the parking. When we got to the "parking lot," there were "No Stopping Anytime" signs. We then drove around and found that all of the street parking was only available to the residents only with a permit. We came across a resident telling a group of hikers that if they left their car in front of his house, they'd get a ticket. We asked him where we could legally park to use the trail and he pointed to a small area where there were three (3) cars parked and they'd used up ALL the legal parking spots. It seems the only way to use this trail is to walk there from an elementary school parking lot a few blocks away but I'm not sure if that's allowed. Plus, we were trying to avoid walking on the concrete around our own neighborhood: that's why we went there! Needless to say, we felt unwelcomed to use the trail by, not only the lack of parking, but also the resident who informed us that the "parking lot" was closed because of "too many break-ins." I don't think hikers are welcome by the area residents.

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