Parking is horrible!!! I went there two weeks ago and then just yesterday, I’ve seen they posted more “permit parking only” signs! And no parking inside because they’re so many people! Needless to say the hiking is great, no shades at all!

different roads, same target... where family can enjoy nature and keep fit

Good short hike up hill, interesting view of downtown LA, you are gonna need plenty of sunblock and water, no shade at all.

Too many people very trashy ☠️

Got a $75 ticket for leaving after hours (6:05pm). Sun wasn’t even down, super strict. It used to be a really chill spot to hike. No bathrooms.

Parking is horrible! Everything is permit only! Such a bummer...

Great hike about 4miles, but rules have changed. Parking is limited and so are the hours for hiking. 9am-5pm
Parking permit only on surrounding streets.
No restrooms

One of my favorite hikes when I’m in LA.

Very good uphill trail!
No parking, street parking next to trail is permit parking only, you need to park on Beverly Blvd where there are no signs for permit parking. Closed on rainy days and the day after rain.

Very smooth trail for me

Great hike however it is no longer a loop. It is a there and back. Looking at the map the northwest ridge is closed and there is a 1,000 dollar fine for hiking it.

great uphill workout! take Mariposa trail for more gradual incline.

Good workout! Only bad thing is parking sucked other than that totally worth it.

Different trails to choose from, LA view and very nice and friendly people.

parking sucked but all round an awesome day hike

I love it but a few minor annoyances. Parking is not close as there’s a teeny tiny lot. There is street parking several blocks away , the streets closest to Hellman are permit parking only. The hours are ridiculous. 9am to 5pm or 6pm depending on the season. I never biked in here but there is no biking allowed anymore. Also there were a few side trails that are a bit easier to get to the top. Most are closed off now.

It sounds like a lot of annoyances actually lol, but it really is a great workout and beautiful views if you don’t mind the other stuff.

I love this hiking trail

Nice heavily traveled hike. The uphill is very challenging. The problem is not with the hike the problem was with the city of Whittier wear myself and friends I hiked with all received parking tickets. There is no where to park only a small parking lot that is full. Where are you supposed to park to hike at this place? It was a very expensive hike I doubt if I will be back city of Whittier is taking advantage of people

Great Hike. It was my first hike in a long time, so it was challenging. View up at the water tower is spectacular. My hike down was serene as I took the trail that hugs the northwest side of the hill. Definitely be back again.

Moderate my a$$... Legs burning so totally worth it!!

7 months ago

This is a great trail to work on inclines!

Nice trail that will get your heart rate pumping. Great views in all directions. Gate to trail opens at 9 am.

It is a beautiful hike! I try to go a few times a week.

It is one of the most beautiful places for a good hike ! And safe !!

Nice local hike with a pleasant view of the ocean on a clear day. Can be very hot on a sunny summer day. ALSO BE SURE TO EXIT THE PARK'S GATES BY 6 PM (summer hours) sharp because a park ranger will lock the gates and ticket you.

We Love Coming To Hellman Trail

Love it here !!!

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