The route listed is longer than 8.2 miles. I took the first shortcut coming down the mountain and it was exactly 8.2 miles. The ascent is difficult, mainly because parts of the trail are washed out and overgrown. The views at the top are amazing. I came on a weekend and there were very few people. There is water at the trailhead for horses and dogs. Make sure to pack plenty though, there is no shade and even in the winter, it can get warm.

What an amazing view at the top of the peaks. I enjoyed this hike immensely. will be back for sure!

4 months ago

You can really pick your poison with this one. Went early in the day but still got pretty hot by around 12pm. There's zero shade except for little random trees here and there. I enjoyed this hike even with all the ups and downs. Really great place to hike if you are looking for a workout. I didn't make my way up to either peak, but I'm definitely coming back for more. Good place overall, 4 stars because the trails were overgrown. My legs weren't covered and they got torn up.

I enjoyed several aspects of this trail. Just went early this sat morning and only came across 2 people the entire hike. Trail winds down going in and has areas of easy followed by some loose, rocky incline and decline. Being extra water

Not one of my favorites for a June hike. Maybe better when cooler. Very overgrown trail. Not many other hikers which was nice.

Awesome hike. Completed the paradise mountain trail to the top then to Rodriguez for the loop on 6/10/17 and had the place to ourselves. Definitely make it to the top of paradise mountain, you won't be disappointed. Trails are getting overgrown and makes watching for snakes tough (we came across 1 non-rattle). If I were going again in the near future, I'd go up and back the paradise mtn trail, but the mileage will be shorter. Some parts are easy, most is moderate, and some is a steep incline/decline in very rutted terrain. Great hike, do it!

Open FRIDAY - MONDAY 8am to sunset.

8 months ago

This is an awesome hike, with a pleasant surprise, a well-marked trail that was not on the list that takes you to the summit of Paradise Mountain with incredible 360 views. This extra leg of the hike I would rate moderate to hard. Bring more water if that's your plan. WARNING: Trail is only open to the public on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays. We didn't know and were just very lucky!

This is an excellent hike that offers scenic views and a nice challenge if you are looking for it.

The initial descent into the canyon is a moderate downhill on a nice trail. When we reached the canyon it had quite a bit of water and people. If you are people adverse, however, fear not because that was the last time we crossed pathes with anyone. It was all up hill for us after that. We went up Rodriguez Mountain, which is a lung buster, and had lunch. Great 360 views of the surrounding areas and massive patches of wildflowers.

The descent was a little rough. the recent rains had washed out and loosen up a lot of the trail which wasn't much of a problem going up but coming down there were a few slips and falls, just have to be cautious. It is a very nice to go downhill until you reach the canyon and you have to go back up. One final leg burner and you are home free.

Overall, a nice hike to a beautiful and rewarding view.