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good work out as far as running 4 miles from beginning to the dirt loop in the back people can get your way at times besides that great place to log in some miles

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as soon as I got there, it was pretty clear that the directions function had overshot our destination. but ready for adventure I could see the dam's edge and took my dog on a winding route to it. needless to say, we never made it to the dam. there was broken glass and garbage every where, two homeless encampments, and all kinds of shit (literal feces from every type of animal).

perhaps the bike route is maintained and lovely as everyone else says. JUST DON'T USE this app's direction mode for this hike. you'll end up somewhere you don't want to be.

Its an amazing place to run

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8 months ago

I've lived in PACOIMA for 7 years and wasn't previously impressed with the Hansen Dam. But in the last two years, especially 2016, the Hansen Dam has seriously upped its trail game! I'm officially a fan! No more long drives to get in a nice hike!

Approximately 4.48 miles if you park in the lot with the solar lights by the Ranger station. Turn right onto Dronfield from Osborne, the lot at the top of the dam right off Osborne is often full. Keep in mind this is a city park so be careful of debris, shopping carts and the occasional homeless. Most of the visitors to the park walk across the paved dam and back. Once you are off the dam the paved portion leads off onto Wentworth Street and there's several dirt pathways that are unmarked. Bear left and down the hill into the basin. Likewise for crossing the Little Tujunga Creek in the middle, there's multiple pathways but the one on the All Trails app is the best/easiest. I hiked two loops for a total of 9.51 miles.

Love this place

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Easy hike across a dam.