2 months ago

nice 7.4 mile one way starting from seven hills in tujunga. 3000ft total gain, 15.x miles total. started at 7am r eturned about 2ish. 77 degrees out no shade shelter would advise to start early or take min 2 liters of water/person. the blue bug spot is a bee hive inside be careful. decent amount of poison oak on the way up and plety of overgrowth up to face high.

As a beginner hiker, this was pretty difficult. I'm talking ALL uphill until the very end. We started at 8am taking the left trail to the top. At some point early on, we strayed off the path accidentally and came across a hill with stonework and a picnic bench! Pretty awesome considering it's in the middle of nowhere. Probably have to come back and enjoy a lunch there. ;) Tons of switchbacks and we even came across an abandoned blue bug. It was rusted and practically buried in the ground. Pretty cool. Hah! The view at the peak was absolutely beautiful. Totally worth the climb. We headed back down the other trail to complete the loop which was almost seemed to be more difficult than climbing. It's all dirt and rocks which took a huge toll on all of our joints and feet. I was still sore and tired the day after. Also be sure to wear sunscreen if you take the right trail at all. It's sunshine hitting you the entire time! If we do this again, we'll probably just do an out and back and not the full loop. This trail was awesome though! Total ass kicker!

First off I want to rate this as moderate to hard. That being said I really enjoyed this hike. I think it is completely underrated and is a must hike trail in Los Angeles. The trail head is easy to find just look for the gates and follow the trail. The hike up was absolutely beautiful. There was snow at the summit and it was very cold and windy. The views are amazing but you do have to deal with the towers and gates but well worth it. On the way back down make sure to not miss the sister elsie trail there is no marker. there is a cool little blue bug on this part of the trail and it was fun to imagine how it got there. We started at 7:30am and got back just before 2:00 we did take a couple stops due to our beginner hikers but I felt bad because I didn't think the trek up would be that difficult. Overall everyone enjoyed it. You can still see the aftermath of the 2009 station fire, I wish there where better trail markers and it was challenging but the peak made it worth it =)

1 year ago

We GPSd as we went along and took a scenic loop route of about 14 miles. such wonderful views on this Rocky but maintained path. Hiking poles were helpful due to grades and rocks on the paths. My 11 yo daughter and I have it two thumbs up!

I didn't know exactly where I was going, but continued on the path up the mountain. Took about two hours and a half hours to get to the highest peak. I didn't see anyone else, straight solitude. By the time I was on my way down it was starting to get dark, so I got some awesome pictures of the sun setting over the city/mountains. The last hour of the hike was in the dark though LOL

Awesome for an uphill run. Challenging and private.