It was amazing we did it in 6 Hours. We crosed the river and we got wet our shoes like 6 times.

The trail starts off a residential street, between two houses. There are many ways to hike the canyon, but my favorite is to stay to the left as long as the trail exists. Eventually it will drop down to the canyon floor. In a little over a mile you'll reach ribbon rock and moss grotto falls. Evidence of the blasting fiasco of 1998 is all round, but the falls are still amazing I continued up the ravine on the right, which was _very_ steep. The first trail to the left goes to to the top of moss grotto, but I passed that. The second trail to the left goes to the unforgettable Thalehaha falls lookout. You can see downtown LA and the pacific ocean to the left, the falls to the right. It was quite difficult to get there, but worth it. Next trip I'll get all the way up the ravine.

Beautiful trail. I went with my dad; he loved it. It's a challenging trail too; a lot of rock hopping which I enjoyed.

1 month ago

Rubio Canyon is wet again!! Saw 3 of the falls today, can't wait to go back!

I didn't finish because the pathway was gone and instead it became rock climbing or become a goat. I have a fear of heights and that's just something i can't do. narrow trails, ok but literally climbing against a rock-NO!

Very light traffic trail. Mostly high grass bushes. Easy to get lost. Not much shade, some area is very hard to climb. Not easy to the dogs.

5 months ago

Many switchbacks are loose dirt, but otherwise KB trail is mostly rideable. Plenty of poison oak, but easily avoided if paying attention. Also pay attention to log placement to avoid wasting time missing trail as it leaves stream bed.

9 months ago

11 months ago