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Grover Hot Springs State Park is located four miles west of Markleeville on the east side of the Sierra, at the edge of the Great Basin Province, and is characterized by open pine forest, sagebrush and meadows. The 700-acre park lies in Hot Springs Valley at an elevation of nearly 6,000 feet, with mountains rising abruptly on three sides. Hawkins Peak, at 10,023 feet, is three miles northwest of the valley, and Markleeville Peak, 9,417 feet, lies four miles to the southwest. These bare granite peaks are best viewed from the Burnside Lake Trail, which begins at the extra- vehicle parking lot and ascends rapidly towards the west end of the valley. Ever since the mid-1850s, when journalists began putting their impressions of Grover Hot Springs into words, the descriptions have been generous.The area is one of alpine beauty with a large variety of plant and animal life. A full range of seasons and weather offer the visitor the opportunity to experience a variety of conditions, from major blizzards to dry scorchers, from warm clear nights to intense, blasting thunderstorms. Winds of great speeds are capable of whipping through the park causing damage during any month of the year. Pristine clear, warm days can be followed by cold stormy nights. Proper preparation for the full range of potential conditions can make a visit to the park not only safe and warm but also dry and comfortable. The park is open year-round. The park has a pool complex with a hot pool and a swimming pool hot springs, a campground, picnic area and hiking trails.

Parked at Charity Valley, free lot a mile or so before the hot springs. Easy hike most the way. A few ups & downs before the campsite. After that it's a nice open dirt trail to the water. Crossed the water and lost that trail a little so I bushwacked, bouldered & climbed over fallen trees to the top where I found a nice flat rock to enjoy the beautiful day. If you're staying at the campground it's a nice family hike. Be sure to stay for a soak at the hotsprings or jump in the pool to cool off. Only saw 4 other people on the trail, great day.

Great trail on a Sunday only saw 6 people. Water was not flowing very fast or high but the end of the trail had been washed out and required moderate rock climbing to reach the end. Gradual elevation and new platforms installed at beginning of trail made it less of a natural trail but after the meadow, it was a nice wide dirt path through the pines.

Late Fall Season: Easy hike through the meadows, did not get to advance due to a quick sunset which made it very chilly for the kiddos. nonetheless, it was a perfect trail for small kids to walk on the bridge, experience golden hour and climb some logs. Beautiful scenery, parking lot was full, traffic was heavy but there is so much space for people to spread out--not annoying at all. Great place to photograph portraits.

Great trail to take from the campground as something fun to do during your stay. Definitely kid friendly and easy going. For the most part the trail is a wide, flat path and is tree of trip hazards. If you want to make it all the way to the top of the falls, you’ll have to do a little bit of light clambering over large boulders, and any specific trail gets difficult to follow. However, it is a lot of fun for kids to explore and it’s easy to know which direction to head since you’re right along the creek.

Easy, flat, kid-friendly hike located near the campground- my 5 and 7 year old were easily able to complete this trail. We even spotted a bear near the beginning of the trail (6/28/19)! This trail always seems fairly busy with both campers and people visiting the hot springs for the day.

nice trail. first half is all up hill. Start early it gets hot! no one else was at the lake. seems that the road in is impassable by vehicle so we had the lake to ourselves.

lots of dead fall trees to get around or get over. Quite scenic and the creek is awesome had full spring flow. what with the black of Trail maintenance I wouldn't call that and easy hike on the second half.

So, the views and scenery are great here, however I wouldn’t recommend during snow filled conditions. It was kind of hard to follow the trail markers. The Hot springs themselves are 10/10 though, very calming, peaceful and the views are great from the pools.

Such a fun trail. Beautiful mountains. Depending how far you go, neat rocks and waterfalls. Not very well marked.

Super easy trail with a beautiful waterfall at the end!

Easy hike until you get to the beginning of the falls and then it gets pretty technical in the rocks for younger kids. With little kids (7 yo) we found Sawmill Creek Trail to be a lot easier. At the very end you can cross over and go straight up to the falls and swimming hole.

easy trail until you get about 600ft from the waterfall then you climb just about 150ft vertical to the waterfall relatively easy climb

Sat Jun 09 2018

Super fun trail. Scrambling could be difficult, but I saw kids and a man with arm crutches make it to the waterfall, so I guess it's only as difficult as you make it. :-)

Not so much of a waterfall. Nice trail

Fun little easy hike... best to see the waterfall in spring to early summer I would presume.

This is a great easy hike great for all skill levels the water fall is awesome as there are great places to sit and chill out. It's mostly shaded and level. Great hike,will keep returning. There is an 8 dollar parking fee which I didn't mind because it helps preserve the place. But that will get old if I keep going back there.

Good hike for beginners. Took my kids, my little chiweenie and my old blind dog and they did good. played in the water, but was really cold to stay in for too long.

Approximately 3 mile hike which we did with young kids. Flat most of the way, and actually pretty hot. There were three or four different creeks to cross on logs, but that was fun. We didn't get all the way to the lake but we appreciated the water falls. There were a fair number of people on the path, not surprisingly given the holiday weekend. We tried to go to the Grover Hot Springs afterward but the line to get in -- while short-- wasn't moving. Also, there didn't look to be any shade by the pool & springs, and we weren't up for sitting in the full sun. Perhaps we'll try the springs another time when it isn't so populated.

Perfect trail to hike with kids. Amazing waterfalls!

I wouldn't classify this as a hike. It's really more of a short stroll but in the end, you come up on a pretty cool waterfall. The only real sketchy part was climbing over the granite rocks to get to it but I found this to be fairly easy. I even saw little kids doing it on my way back. Highly recommend.

Photo Posted. Even after all day rain yesterday--no mud today..! Great stuff...! And the fall wasn't dry as posted. I understand it's pretty much year round. One must climb OVER the granite rocks to get to the other side. Keep your ears open for the falls. The climb over the granite rocks is somewhat sketchy because going up, it seems as if the climb will never end.

This was an enjoyable hike but the fall is dry. Photo posted.

Great place for a swim if you can tolerate the frigid waters.

Loved the trail leading up to the Waterfall. The boulders can be challenging but my 11 yr old son and I worked through it together. My 15 and 6 years old went up and down them with no hesitation. Definitely worth seeing but go early, we were gone for an hour before heading back, as we headed back people from the campsite started towards the Waterfall, so go early if you want to beat the campers!

great hike...the falls are the best in the spring time due to the runoff from thr snow melt.

Quick, easy hike with a little bit of scrambling possible at the falls. Great for bringing non-hikers. Trail disappeared close to the falls and required going up and over some rocks but very easy and well worth it.

Short easy hike. Great for familys. when you come to the rocks... there is a way through and a way to the left. Great views throughout.

There is no signs really. You come to a dead end and you have to go over these rocks then you will see the trail again.

Nice Trail and easy hike to the falls! Several nice sized waterfalls for a drought!

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