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Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in all of North America, and the second-largest city park in California. The area is famous for its Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory, and for its spectacular views of downtown Los Angeles and the Santa Monica Mountains. There are many hiking trails in the area for all types of hikers.

Amazing sunrise and sunset view

1 day ago

Great hike. If you follow signs you won’t get lost and if you get off track, jus explore a new place. This is a nice hike for early morning. No bikes allowed in the trail, which is great. As the afternoon approaches you will encounter horseback riders, just remember they have the right-of-way. Enjoy.

I went with a Facebook group (Hiking with Friends). It was a very large group and we did not do the Mount Lee loop. We only did the out-and-back portion to the Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak to the Hollywood Sign. We began from Lake Hollywood at 3052. This hike was short 3.5 miles or so) and a bit steep and you go over tons of rocks so it’s definitely not for beginners. The view is amazing once you get to the peak and the sign. It was a clear day today and it wasn’t too hot. I’ll go back and do it alone next time. The trail is very clear and pretty popular. Lots of people were there today.

no shade
washed out
1 day ago

My friend and I made it to the Hollywood Sign. During our hike, we got lost several times since the Park has many trails that lead to another. It is useful to use the default map and pay attention to it especially when there is a fork. Don’t pay attention to my route since I am not taking the fastest route. My friend and I kept choosing the wrong way; we didn’t reference the map much.

My main complaint (hence the four stars) is the lack of trail signs, which makes it hard to go the right way. We started at the Park Service Center, which is not the fastest route to the sign.

Dogs are welcome on a leash. I have a 1.5 years old German Shepherd and my friend had a 8 to 9 years old chihuahua mix. The chihuahua did get tired and had to be carried for the most difficult part (climbing up rocks and walking on wash). There was some points where my dog wasn’t on the leash because it was a tripping hazard for me. Overall, they did well. On the other hand, I do not recommend this for young kids.

Bring water and snacks (important if you get lost; make sure to fuel up).

Happy hiking.

Great hike with amazing views of the city. Fairly flat, gets steeper as you get closer to sign. Somewhat busy on weekend. But overall very enjoyable.

great starter goes young kids, they love the cave

2 days ago

Fun short trail

Great workout!! Nice views on a clear day!

Good workout & nice view but super crowded! Not great... lots of horse poop on the trail. So, again Not great!

7 days ago

Great trail! Awesome view at the top and many different areas with scenic views as you make your way up. Different routes can make this hike shorter or as long as you want. Good trail for beginners.

Easy. A bit crowded.


Go super early and during a weekday otherwise it's a tourist hangout unless you like being around a bunch of other people that lack trail etiquette.

Otherwise great butt workout via Burbank trail!

Good hike on a cool day!

Beautiful views! Easy trail, fairly decent incline.

Short but intense uphill climb, beautiful view of the city and the valley all at once. Gets pretty crowded, and beware parking cops.

Great hike mostly incline either entrance. A lot of erosion coming down the fern trail.

11 days ago

Really neat nature walk (considering it's roughly 0.2 miles one way lol) it's a very interesting cave. Despite it being really short it's a definite must visit as the surrounding area is really interesting as well. Got to see a group setting up the area for a future Toyota commercial so that was also cool.

Relaxing stroll with some nice views

Last bit of this hike is just walking on the streets in the Hollywood Hills. First half is great, steep with great views. A bit crowded though. Second half is just on the side of the road, it seemed like we missed something but we were just following the map. Would not really recommend, not even the best view of LA just gets you close to the Hollywood sign.

15 days ago

Solid option. I usually disregard moderate ratings as easy but jokes on me. There are actually moderate inclines. Parking was easy at the Greek and we jumped onto the trail somewhere across the street. Bring more water than you think you'll drink - trail is pretty dusty. There will be a consistent stream of dogs and people which can be really fun depending on how much you like dogs or people. The trail itself seems to be listed as/follow Riverside View on the signposts? so I had to open up my phone a few times just to make sure we were on the right path.

16 days ago

A pretty short and neat trail. Just for some walking and great for dogs. The cave is pretty cool and small. Would go back again.

Lots of parking if you come around 7-7:30. After that it gets packed on a Saturday.

Excellent views and great workout!

my son and myself conquered bee rock today it was awesome

great hike

Great trail! Beautiful views and not too intense. Like many trails in LA, there’s not a whole lot of shade, so prepare accordingly. Also a few “dodgy” areas (slippery/steep) hills on the way back down, but nothing some good tread can’t handle! Really really enjoyed the hike and the beautiful views!

Fuck ya

19 days ago

Great hike. We took the counter clockwise route from the free parking lot and distance was more like 6.5 miles. Toward the end we started following the map but it looks narrow and off the main path so we took a detour which is why it’s 6.5 miles. Took us 3 hrs but we rested a lot and took pics. Overall a good climb up and mostly downhill back and we weren’t that tired when done. Guess cuz it was in high 50s and breezy.

Very nice hike but it gets packed with people.

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