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awesome brings me back to my love days

This is a great hike up to the Observatory. We parked near The Trails restaurant, cutting about 1/2 mile off our hike, which is really just walking up the road. There are some steeper spots, but my 3 1/2 year old grandson did great.

Moderate trail. Moderate traffic. Going early in the morning was a good idea. The observatory was getting crowded by 9am.

love it! been hiking the Griffith park trails since I was a baby.

mountain biking
14 days ago

This trail is not fit for mountain biking, with high foot traffic on a single track and large technical sections (grade and obstacles). This trail should be a minimum black for mountain biking.

mountain biking
14 days ago

This trail should not be listed for mountain biking, or at least rated as a black diamond for biking (definitely not a blue). There is a sign that says no mountain biking along the trail as well, and the entry to the Hogback trail is essentially unmarked and is not maintained. I had to go off trail to avoid the no MTB section and missed the Hogback trail entry twice.

Awesome trails

Nice view...

boy we found a shortcut that has a lot of overgrowth but it's very steep and it cuts off almost a mile of the trip to mount Hollywood Peak

mountain biking
29 days ago

Visiting from Northern CA...went by the mountain biking description above. Trail is not bike friendly.

Just beautiful, serene , calm and amazing place !!

Just did this hike this weekend and was disappointed to find that it wasn’t a loop at all. Went up the steep rocky side to the Wisdom Tree and was planning to come down the longer side of the loop as we had our big dogs and didn’t want to do the steep climb down with them. We passed the “trail” for the other side of the loop twice not even noticing it as it wasn’t an actual trail and no one was walking on it at all. Sent my husband to check it out to see if we could get through and or if it got better along the way but it didn’t, it just disappeared. Couldn’t go that way so had to take the dogs back down the steep side. That cut the hike shorter and was much more difficult with the dogs. Likely wouldn’t have done it if we had known that. Anyone know if there was a reason why that side of the trail would not be there or not be used by anyone on a Sunday? Otherwise it was a beautiful view from the top and could be a great LA hike.

1 month ago

Easy hike. Most of the elevation gain is at the beginning of the trail. I didn’t like how halfway through the trail turned into asphalt. I had to constantly be on the lookout for mountain bikers.

Instead of going down after Vista Viewpoint I took the trail up to Glendale Peak, Taco Peak and Mount Baby Bell. If you can tough out the climb I highly recommend it. Walking the ridge line you can stare at Griffith Observatory on one side of the mountain and Glendale on the other. A great view of all the other trails and the Hollywood sign. For this part I’d recommend some hiking poles.

Moderately trafficked and quite a few dogs.

Nice trail.

1 month ago

This is my favorite trail in Griffith Park but I start this down by the pony rides/train ride. It makes the hike longer and more of a workout. Park down by the horses and walk across the street to the start of the hike, you can’t miss it. It will join up with other trails but eventually ends at Mt. Hollywood Summit which has amazing views of downtown LA and the observatory. If you take the hike from this starting point you don’t get the best views of the Hollywood sign.

Loved this hike!!

1 month ago

Good uphill training but very short and not a lot of coverage. The wisdom tree is pretty neat and there are a few nice places to sit and look out over LA but nothing to write home about.

Amazing view! Parking fee is a bit outrageous, but worth the hike once you get to see the Hollywood sign up close. Watch out for horse poop.

1 month ago

love this trail. extended to 5.8 miles.

2 months ago

Steep and rocky, good idea to bring poles to take strain off the knees. Go earlier than 8/9 am before the crowds and bring a light sweater, hat and sunscreen. Great views 360 of LA and backside view of the Hollywood sign.

Enjoyed this trial with my dog. Pretty easy but loved the view at the top. Went in early feb so it wasn’t too cold or too hot.

Great hike with great views, obviously very popular so there are always a lot of people especially on the weekends. Definitely worth trying.

Fun hike with my dog, the view at the top of the summit is beautiful!

This is honestly an extremely under rated gem at Griffith. You can take the long way or the somewhat intense steep “stair” path up to enter this bio dome-shaped garden teeming with beautiful colors and geometries of all the exotic flora that have made their residence there. On the borders of the meandering trails weaving through the garden, breathtaking views of the lush valleys, open sky, and the city views on the other had us at loss for words as we felt like the curious Alice who had just stepped thorough the looking glass.

It is a good place to hike, normally we start at 5:30 am, this year january and february are not cold.

Steep but not too long. Wear good shoes and a hat......

Nice hike easy, dog friendly. Lot"s of people at dawn so pretty safe to hike at night. Amazing view of LA.

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